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  1. First Evo stone on Blackbird, Congratz for us HdY, NsX, Coisa
  2. sadly its the opposite, naia have less players, which means less itens/economy
  3. naia red cat 5 its 240b, and ruby 5 180b+
  4. My favorite class is Ghost Sentinel. Nickname: YulzJ Server: Naia
  5. pardon me but what class are you running that u can't "do" (struggle) castilla 110 with that gear? just the blessed valakas should be enough to afford a decent gear for you to not be struggling anymore.
  6. i'm feeling unsatisfied with this service, we pay prestige+destiny to play, and we get dc all the time today, we waste boosts time, effort and patience trying to play this game, we get dc, try to login the accounts again, to get the code on email with this outdated system to get dc again in 5 minutes, please fix this quickly.
  7. Can you please fix the server? its frustrating when you investing your money time and effort trying to play the the game and get 4 dc's already, and don't tell me it's my connection, as you can see alot of people are getting DC and we are wasting prestine+destiny time, it takes alot time just to enter on e-mail and get the code for this outdated system, and when we login we can play 5 minutes and then dc again. i'm really unsatisfied with this service, come on.
  8. @Juji@Hime @LIME Are you aware the server situation? login are offline, and people are getting DC every 1hour or less, meanwhile our packages are still counting. fix this please.
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