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  1. @Juji You reintroduce Drop and Destruction penality, i think is not correct change, but the questione is: You are able to protect people from scam? From bug abusing? People with AOE (Poler, Feoh, Yul) will kill people with AOE and become PK, and will drop again all? YOU WANT PEOPLE STOP PLAY THIS GAME? Please, let us to know, and we will organize. Thanks.
  2. Again Chrome KILL Client L2

    Usually me too. Today after restart, i open 1 client with google chrome open, client close without reason after few second. Reopen client, with google chome open, client close after few second. Close all chrome, open 3 client, all fine. Maybe problem is multiple, not only chrome (for example, chrome + GData + L2, or Chrome + TeamSpeak + L2) but NOW if i open client with Google Chrome up, client close.
  3. Hello, AGAIN we have issue, L2 client it's killed (idk from what process) if google chrome is open when you open Client. If Google chrome is not open, Client work normally.
  4. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    You cry because you can't with Tyrr Titan, and, people must cry because Titan now can use Berserker+Guts or Frenzy? LOL
  5. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH You rosik because you are not OP Tyrr? FIRST time EVER Maestro get one good skill, and you cry like a baby? EPIC LOL!!!!!
  6. @Juji Also IT in other region is 20 Trilion exp, so? https://l2wiki.com/Tomb_Raiders And on other region can you exchange Stone for Upgrade Dragon Shirt with Blessed Scroll Enchant Dragon Shirt: https://l2wiki.com/Noble_Leather_Upgrade_Stone#Sellers So? We get the NERF of other region, but NOT the benefit of other region? Let us to know why? PLEASE.
  7. Aden Tour Disappeared

    Yes, disappear when you see a cinematic, from instance, or any, Dice disappear, only restart and fix
  8. Adena Nerfed for Support!?

    Yes, it's this, the buff trigger ONLY to DD, not to support, i make 2x adena in duo with friend healer, because my DD have many time buff, healer never. So is correct what him mean, nerf adena for support class. PS: No one, me or friend healer, prestige.
  9. Mentee's are Broken!!

    Are you sure abuot mentee clan quest you close 2 mentee? And when close 2 mentee, recieve 200.000 Mentee coin? Or, you was online when mentee reach level 105?
  10. @Juji @Hime ETA for this info? We can have same Quest XP of other people, or we are different again?
  11. Yes, i mean 20 Trillions XP.
  12. WAIT, NORMAL reward of Imperial Tomb quest is 20 Bilion, like all this week, why after 5/27 you want give half XP??? Now quest MUST give 40 Bilion, and after 20b....
  13. Hello, here: https://www.lineage2.com/news/16th-anniversary-contest-and-events you write: But quest of Imperial Tomb, normal Reward is 20bilion XP, like we take this week (from 22 April to 28 April), so, from tomorrow (29 April), will be 40 Bilion?
  14. BUG - Attendance Check Disappear

    I don't know, go to make oly match, or see oly match, you mean "go to dimensional server for no reason"? The bug is this, i write for GM know the issue.
  15. BUG - Attendance Check Disappear

    I know, but try, if you go in dimensional, then open menu alt+x, the shortcut "Attendance Check" disapper