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  1. Quest: Immortal Honor

    Ty all, the quest is not clear and i not understand, next time i do it, ty again all =)
  2. Quest: Immortal Honor

    Ah, appear leona when Kain defeated? I not see ._. Or talk with other NPC after killing kain? I will try next time, ty for advice
  3. Quest: Immortal Honor

    Hello, in quest for Exalted 5, Immortal Honor, ask to kill Camille 2 time (done) and after Kain, i go Keurcereus Alliance Base 2 time when Battle was up, 2 time Killed Kain with other people, but no item quest. Is at chance? What is the chance? Or i do something bad? Quest ask: Defeat Kain and talk with Leona. Monster to Hunt - Kain. Any Advice? Ty all
  4. Inventory Slot - Switch Class

    Yes, me too, but in dwarf, i can switch with 114/172 (main and dual).
  5. When try switch, from main to dual, or dual to main, system not check if inventory is expanded, so is useless increase inventory slot, if i have 172 slot, i can switch only if i have 114 item and not 137. Please fix inventory check, main dual.
  6. Hi, when enter in oly, before update, the toggle: Dual Maximum HP and Momentum Charge still active, now when enter only this 2 deactivate.
  7. New 6-Part Epic Quest

    Hello, login announcement talk about: "New 6-Part Epic Quest, avaiable at 103" what quest are? The Savior's Path? Or other one? Thanks
  8. Olympiad in Freya

    Hello, in freya, from Merge page: "Rewards for June Olympiad competition will be available to be claimed June 20–27." But we can't claim reward, why? When will be fixed? Thanks
  9. Abundance Flash Sale?

    Hello, is possible to give Flash Sale, like Weekend sale, for Abundance item? Is many time we not see in L2 Store Abundance item. Thanks
  10. Faction

    Hi, you can make this quest max 10 Time
  11. Aoe Macro for Lazy Iss :)

    Why put resonant halo in macro? Is so easy now, same macro. Resonant halo on -> macro is aoe Resonant halo off -> macro is Single target. no?
  12. New Fortress

    From patch note: Fortress Siege Rebel NPC and (Fortress Gate) abilities have been upgraded. But if Tyrr 103 full PVE die in 2 shot, and no kill, for who are upgraded?
  13. New Fortress

    Hello, one important question. For WHAT people NCsoft increase the abilities of NPC inside fortress? Tyrr 103, Set Heavy +10 full PVE, Weapon +12 PVE 3SA and die with 2 shot, is difficult to kill ONE NPC. What level and equip need NOW for win a fortress siege??? MASTERCARD LEVEL 110?