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  1. BUG - Attendance Check Disappear

    I don't know, go to make oly match, or see oly match, you mean "go to dimensional server for no reason"? The bug is this, i write for GM know the issue.
  2. BUG - Attendance Check Disappear

    I know, but try, if you go in dimensional, then open menu alt+x, the shortcut "Attendance Check" disapper
  3. Hello, if you enter dimensional server, for oly, for example, from menu, disappear attendance check. Thanks.
  4. Exalted auto use SPAM

    Hello, there are one bug in Favor of Exalted skill, when use auto casting. If char B (like ISS) only follow char A, so have target to char A, if finish exalted to char B, auto use spam exalted to target A, all time, because check self exalted off, but cast exalted to target. This waste all Spirit ore to char B in few minutes. Can fix please?
  5. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Try disable for one week the Ranking.
  6. Known Issue: Server Latency

    LOOOOOL, i never manage zariche, i'm not top player, only i need 2 shop and 2 char play, and i no want open 2nd PC for shop box.
  7. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Please, put 4 client each PC.
  8. Agathion skill in macro = (null)

    Yes, this "Fix" the problem, it's same problem with transformatione to go in Blackbird campsite, or Enchanted Valley, use also skill in your bar and drag from bar
  9. Alligator/Tanor boss exploit

    Yes, sorry i mean KissMyKnife who wrote before you =)
  10. Alligator/Tanor boss exploit

    LOL, you run ALL day in Tanor to find boss, and you say, i killed once? LOL
  11. I know, but if you go with tank, you can make this quest (because npc give you knight) if you go with all other class, warrior or wizard, quest stuck. I think is same problem. Dev will see.
  12. @Juji If can help, the problem is the NPC Buffer, give only knight This bug: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13315-newbie-guide-buff-buged-after-29-05-maint/ When you go to npc for quest 85/89, if you are not knight, quest stuck. If you fix NPC buffer, also quest will be fixed.
  13. Quest: Way of Wandering Knight bugged

    Maybe, but change dualclass not need 100kk? And i hope when fix buff npc (now give knight only) will fix quest.
  14. Tarti Quest keeps looping

    If its' your main class, is a bug. If it's your 1st sub, can become a dualclass, you need to do quest to Hadel in Ruins of sagira 1, and you can level up more then 80. If is a 2nd ot 3th sub, it's done at level 80.

    hem, you talk to npc for start to fight with you?