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  1. Only Cloak? Charm?? Circlet?? Old Armors??
  2. Other Yul Archer would be easier to start level up and share all gear.
  3. If you want to max crit damage, would be best two kains (p skill crit dmg + p.atk crit damage)
  4. As says in the UI that stats are of the homunculus itself.
  5. Please do something with the lag. Start ALWAYS at same time, on the morning PST. @Juji
  6. Lineage 1 just had a PC-Mobile remaster it would not be rare if Lineage 2 gets something similar in next couple years hopefully not as overkill.
  7. Removing that message from chat windows would be good enough. Ironic enough just below there is a number displaying actual vitality.
  8. Never heard anyone with this problem. I get tons, even in Phantasmal Ridge. Still no one knows where you hunt.
  9. Only shows increased critical rate. Critical damage and skill critical rate/damage are not visible in stats. It does not give not give any other stats.
  10. Chronos timezone is on the middle of NA and EU. Anyways very funny complaining about Cursed Sword time and not how bad and boring it's system is. Current Cursed Sword system and the Gainak Warzone are worst PVP events in L2 history. Bring back Territory Wars.
  11. I assume is intended as was not listed on the Event notes.
  12. Anyone can attack you in "not-safe zones" if they want to, no way around this. If you are step away pc your best bet is use "next target monster" only. threat attack will flag you to pvp.
  13. Sayha's Seer is still my favorite class but currently playing Eviscerator due being less efficient.
  14. Hey, why The Fire Dragon Valakas did not join us? Antharas: shh, the water is really nice, we came for refreshing not for sauna.
  15. It's convenient and not that much more expensive than crafting mss/mbss(mysterious), kind of break the purpose of dwarven crafting.
  16. New Neutral Zone: Good for low players. The bad about it: high level players abuse the high adena drop there. Bad: Isle of Souls: Adena increased a lot making pointless going 112 spot except top ranking of server. Time Hunting Zones difficulty: I don't understand why make things harder I have good gear and 110 Level and two hit all mobs at most but it takes less than 3 seconds to die if I stop the macro... I can tell how bad it is for a average player to hunt in there. Lack of content and item flow: No new content is boring and too much lack of items missing in game.
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