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  1. My new favourite way to get pk in cruma is someone coming in a room you've already been in for hours and be like "hey guys im gonna aoe this room" All the other afks were gone or dead when I came back from lunch, I could only laugh it was pretty good.
  2. Sooooo, it would still be free for the next two months then. If you get zero loot to sell in that time your really unlucky, should be able to play free for months after that selling drops
  3. Buy 2 L1000 boxes for less than 5kk adena (should be doable with all the handouts on launch) Buy 1 month of Limited Sayha, actually make adena, get 30 more blessings and 10 more cookies a day for 1.5kk adena (10 levels of Sayhas Grace) Repeat totally free
  4. 1. Open potion settings 2. Select type 3. Select hp minimum 4. Apply I've had potions stop auto before, above always fixes it. If the apply button is greyed out you just need to move the slider back and forth a bit
  5. As far as I know the compound rate for brooches/talismans is 25%. If you spent 11.3k lcoins then you should've had 55 attempts, that's a bit beyond bad luck, my condolences. It only costs 6k lcoin for a level 3 brooch or agathion and making a level 3 talisman shouldn't even cost 8k.
  6. The items that give sayhas grace +35000 will be deleted at the same time, I was gonna craft a lot then I realised I wouldn't be able to use them.
  7. From fancy candy basket from the candy event, from 100 attempts I got 6 fancy boxes and 5 were level 1 jewel boxes. Only 2 days left and it's not a great use of adena right now when you might end up with nothing but buff scrolls.
  8. It happens.. Just wait you will eventually get them, last time it happened to me it took 4-5 hours to process. Don't do what I did and try again or another card, you will just end up with twice the ncoin after the wait.
  9. My list of all the easiest stat boosts from collection without overenchanting. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRPB4-UHzOaQKAm-_Rk5Qvql1BJ5veiu20U_rTBkVTaMykzCayGXgsPADbFdtVCm5YmJPbqvuFatRV2/pubhtml
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