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  1. Hello all Was warlord good in classic 1.5 I mean aoe ftw ?? warsmith any good for pve/pvp in classic 1.5 I know they main crafter but
  2. Evening all Anyone else having issues buying the launch packs? I get this after i click buy now - i dont get to card or pay pal details ERROR Something went wrong, please try again later! OK
  3. Any Giran server clans?

    LF clan On the Giran Server Cheers!
  4. Live Stream/Q on classic

    Thanks Patro for info x
  5. Afternoon all After watching the live stream on Friday to give us players a taste of the upcoming classic servers i have a few questions! @Juji and team first time i watched a live stream on twitch for l2 thought it was really cool and would love to see more! Q: What is the number of clans within 1 ally, when L2 started some 14 + years ago it was 12 clans i think to one ally then was changed to 3? what will we have in classic Q: What are the plans for castle sieges? are they going to be like old days over 2 nights Saturday and Sunday? Q: Way back L2 had some really cool events for holidays and other special times of the year like rare bosses attacking towns ( not items from a store ) Q: When will clan halls open in towns? Q; Not sure if siege clan halls were apart of game back then like Hotsprings clan hall will they be in classic? Fighting the old raid bosses brings back so many memories bring on the @antqueen @core and others! @Juji cant wait for patch notes! Thanks all Frankie x