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  1. @Juji @Hime I think it's time for you guys to bring back the real feeling of playing classic Lineage 2 bring back the castles the towns that you removed Rune / Schuttgart there are plenty of hunting grounds there where people can farm, please be considerate and listen to the community, bring back pets why did you even remove it in the first place? Random craft destroyed Dwarf class atleast make the server great again so new players will pour in not just for nostalgia but for the fun of it all.. Please reply GM's
  2. My favorite raid boss is Queen Ant cause that's always one of the best raid boss to kill back in the day since everyone is active so a large group of level 40 will group up and kill it ... Teamwork at it's best even though all of you are not strong enough it makes that experience one of the best for me
  3. Hi if your already level 40 and your toons only got low gears i think you can do alligator island or if you're stayinv for a long time wait for an event then spent ncoins to buy items and sell for adena to get your toons proper gears
  4. Hey GM @Juji @Himethe adena drops in catacombs just went down hill can you explain what happen? Atleast tell us the reason why it was nerfed?
  5. @Juji@Himeplease tell your guys to address the issue of some people who aren't receiving any replies or support from your supports LOL! please let them check this request number: 23716837
  6. @Hime@Jujiso the known issue posted last June 17th was disregarded this maintenance and the exp bug abusers haven't been punished yet. What's happening GM's are we just focusing our attention on the L2 Store and not the issues of the players? Come on! wake up and help the community.
  7. Hello GM @Juji@Himewhen will you address this issue the dmge is significantly 30 -35% lower than before and it's affecting us in farming and levelling it costs more to kill one mob. Please give us the date and time on when you will adress this issue we are getting impatient with this crap.
  8. I think slowly your updating Classic Server and turning it into Live you might as well open the other town that you closed and open other castles we only see people or windows in Giran and other places mostly are bots and now your adding something that those adena RMT sellers can buy nice business @Juji @Hime better do something about it and probably add dynasty set too..
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