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  1. * Necromancer's Curse Death Link need's fixed, before it landed 100% of the time and had high damage. Now it fail's about 30% of the time on white mobs, and doesn't do much more damage than Death Spike or Vamp Claw. Making it hard to level Necromancer since you make Death Spike still cost Cursed bones, adena doesn't drop enough to pay for bones and shots. * Pet's still have unlimited range for nuke's, that's broken for obvious reason's. These are the few that effect me, would like some information on it, since there was nothing in patch note's about this. @Juji @Hime

    * Currently Necro cannot exp with Curse Death Link, It's broken in it's current state, It recover's HP and fails more than it lands on white mob's. * Teleport while in combat * Unlimited Pet range for nuke skills @Hime @Juji
  3. De-leveling question

    So, if I level to 50 then de-level back to 46 will I lose my learned 50 skills? or am I able to only level to 49 and back to 46 to keep skills?
  4. De-leveling question

    Does anyone know or have a link where GM mentioned how much you can de-level before you lose learned skills? I thought it was 4 level's. but i cant find the post where he mention's it. I'm lvl 46, and want to use xp scroll to 50 to learn Curse Death Link, then de-level back to 46. Will I still keep CDL or lose it? If anyone has link where GM mention's this please post. I've tried to search fourm's but can not find. Thanks!
  5. De-leveling question

    im a 46 necro, want to hit lvl 50 and learn CDL and go back down to 46. so i can farm both aden dungeon, how far can you de-level before you lose skills you've learned? because the spellbook and SP is too much to have to buy again. Thx! I was thinking the GM said 4 lvl's so it would be ok to do this. But cant find where he posted it

    Nope, all lvl 32.. also not using any buff scrolls or anything. Only vip 4 and vip 3

    So i'm vip 4, and my boxed buffer's are vip 3 but when I kill mob's they all get same xp, shouldn't my vip 4 get 10% more? It did until today.. Maybe the event patch broke something? @Hime @juji
  8. New Lineage II Classic Server: Aden

    So i submitted a ticket and got this response for the transfer..... Does this mean since I opened the pack I cant transfer now? I have not even played my character on talking island since i submitted the ticket.. but my chronicle pack is still on it and yes I did use some of the xp/buff scrolls so am I screwed? I thought they would transfer the items even if opened.. but that's not what @Hime said here, On 10/5/2018 at 3:47 PM, Hime said: Yes! Our Support team will help move Launch Pack items to your new character on Aden. Just make sure all the items are still on the Dimensional Merchant or on one character (in the situation you moved items across various characters). She said they would help move launch pack item's, nothing about weather some of them were used or not.. Please either refund my money or give my chronicle pack to my character on Aden!!! My ticket number is (22040116) Thanks for contacting the Lineage II Game Support Team.We are temporarily, 10/4 -10/18, offering players the ability to transfer their Launch Packs to another character on another Classic server. In order for us to process this change, we'll have to verify a couple things. Please make sure your Journey Pack or Chronicle Pack is intact, meaning no items are missing or used. These items can be located on your character or located in the Dimensional merchant. As part of the item transfer we'll have to delete your existing character once we've transferred over the items. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your transfer if items are missing or used from your pack and/or if you would like to keep your character.If you agree to both of these terms please contact us with the destination server, name of character that currently has the pack, and which character you'd like items transferred to.
  9. New Lineage II Classic Server: Aden

    I would like to transfer my Chronicle pack from Talking Island server to Aden please, I submitted a ticket. The number is 22040116 thanks!!
  10. PK system POLL Vote - link inside

    It just takes away from the excitement of hunting reds. I remember people intentionally going out to hunt PK's for the possibility of an item drop. Now people aren't going to bother because they dont earn anything. A memory I have was when an archer perma red was griefing talking island, and we would shout for higher levels to come. And they did because of that possible reward. Now no one is going to want to because they get no possible reward for doing so. I'll still play this game, they just changed a feature that didnt need changed.
  11. PK system POLL Vote - link inside

    PK's still wouldn't lose gear when letting friends kill their karma off, you can access warehouse while red. So you could store everything you have equipped and nothing gets destroyed. The item drop on red is a much better option because of the possible reward for killing the PK.