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  1. Ilogical rates: Aden!!!!!

    All they had to do was launch a normal (not scam) server... with x1 rates, im sure ppl would still buy vips to get x1.5/x2 rates.. there wouldn't be so much shitstorm on the forums, players would be happy and play, i would even buy some cosmetics items or xp boots from time to time, but they screwed job so much, im not spending even 0.1 $ because its simply not worth it
  2. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    thats the only way
  3. Only 1 Dual Box pls!

    yeah sure, considering the server is full almost 24/7. same as giran, only WIP players (wallet warriors) can login without waiting
  4. Im afraid its already too late, crazy ppl will play anyway with hope
  5. Patience pays off!

    Yeah they just want to make fast $$$, sell many launch packs etc. they dont care if server dies in month, they will open new one, over and over again, they do it since 2004.. lol
  6. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    that is the next problem, this serv is a big failure
  7. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    The fishing is not a problem, problem is with ppl who log multiple boxes and sit on event monsters in ruins of despair and abandoned camp to get boxes with mats.
  8. Bot's

    Man, they dont want to do anything about bots, bot = customer. It would require only one GM to login in every day for some time to check how are servers doing, tp to every town, ban adena sellers, ban bots. Really it doesnt take a lot of time to do, but SIMPLY THEY DONT WANT TO.
  9. No, because Lineage 2 was good until C4/C5/Interlude.
  10. Ilogical rates: Aden!!!!!

    well it's not broken, at this point I can say i'm SURE that they did it intentionally! mobs give EXACTLY the 3/4 of EXP they SHOULD GIVE!! adena drop is nerfed like 75%! the same with drop/spoil! (some mobs in dion area give 10x LOWER EXP than they should've!! It looks for me like someone was messing with rates, but he screwed his job really hard!
  11. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    Is it the first time NCSOFT would do something like that? I think not.
  12. Ilogical rates: Aden!!!!!

    NCSOFT gets the title of most greedy company on earth.. to this day i thought it was Wargaming.. But They dont even get close to NCSOFT !!
  13. Ilogical rates: Aden!!!!!

    Im out till they announce their decision, itd 1 pm in the EU and there is already a queue at login! Its crazy! Everybody logs 3 afk boxes and sit at event monsters just to get some ridicolous box containing stem and thread if you are lucky enough! This is madness,something is really wrong with this server and the worst thing about it is that even the devs and GMs dont know what and why hahaha... or maybe they know, dont will to change anything...?
  14. Only 1 Dual Box pls!

    0 dual boxes should be the thing,but wait... then the online would be only 1.5k and there wouldnt be any queues... = no profit
  15. If this is true ..

    Adult life? Im Adult enough.. if something at your job is not right and you report that to boss or some supervisor do they tell you to "not to cry"? Lol man really..
  16. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    ADD ALSO: 10% loss on death (should be 4%) Broken not only adena drop but normal drop/spoil too Exp broken (mobs give x0.75 exp, also some mobs around Dion give 10 times lower exp)
  17. For some players hardcore means playing spider farm simulator 500 times
  18. Random Ban JUJI My Love ?

    Suspicious activity = playing with ss without using l2store think about it
  19. If this is true ..

    Its not crying dude,if you dont see that something is really wrong here then sorry but you must be blind
  20. TI server first minutes!

    Back then when ppl didnt know this serv is full of bugs and with nerfed rates to 0.25 x haha
  21. Drop and spoil!

    You wont get anything anyway lol spoil rates are like x.025
  22. Can NCSoft control Bots/Server Break

    Yeah,Im with you,but I think they'll do what they want anyway
  23. Can NCSoft control Bots/Server Break

    Im sure they will listen to you
  24. If this is true ..

    But with normal (x1) rates ppl would still buy items from l2store to get event bigger rates... I was also considering buying some coins, or launch packs to get some bonuses, but now im GLAD i didn't do it..