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  1. Gosh This ship is sinking.. i think im better out lol
  2. Bye,ncsoft failed us once again. (No,i wont give u my items;))
  3. I cry.. when nc soft deserves to... maybe its Just the time for this company to finish
  4. Please ncsoft stop making fake accounts trying to convince us and new players that everything is ok, because its not. You want to fool them? They will see it themselves when they hit near to lvl 40. Before that the free to play border was lvl 20,then you couldnt afford anything later,you fixed some low lvl zones and now the hard border is lvl 40
  5. Yeah 6.5k but 30% are bots, 30% boxes,30% afk or shops
  6. Please stop telling me if Korea does something it works great,have you seen how their servers Look? IMPOSSIBLE P2W
  7. They said its already fixed, its all intended
  8. That will only be available through l2$tore friend
  9. SERVERS are full of bots anyway so it wont make a big difference,if u dont care at least let legit players bot legally
  10. But others do I paid them 10€ last month for vip1 on my 2 accounts,then i thought it is okay and fair but now im starting to realize it was too much
  11. They are already using their Heads,thats why they make so much $$$$$$ and you still pay them for more and more fails and bugs xDdd
  12. Heheh heehe stop buying nccoin$ so They will have to listen to us ^^ BTW. Its all intended ^^
  13. Yes, it seems that NA Classic is just to make fast-cash for ncwest. Why would the make the "normal" server, when the p2w shheit and bots give them way moore $, they don't give a sheit about the Lineage 2 (sad... very), their main goal (sadly too) is just to earn as much $ as possible in a short term
  14. it's not a mistake, do you realize how much $$$ they made from the start... They'll just open new classics in 2-3 years and the story will repeat
  15. As long as players pay them (ncoins, l2store etc) they don't have any motivation to change anything. Want changes? Stop paying, vote for changes with your wallets!
  16. guys.. vote with your wallets, just stop paying and they will have to change things for us lol
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