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  1. Please ncsoft stop making fake accounts trying to convince us and new players that everything is ok, because its not. You want to fool them? They will see it themselves when they hit near to lvl 40. Before that the free to play border was lvl 20,then you couldnt afford anything later,you fixed some low lvl zones and now the hard border is lvl 40 

  2. 54 minutes ago, fed5465465 said:

    macros is the worst thing that could happen, people will just leave their characters auto assist and disapear the moment they find a new party, healers auto heal etc, for active players its like playing with robots. many people will make 9 toon auto parties too. its a cancer for the game. the fact that you dont drop on death will make the situation even worst. auto macros will kill the game. 

    Server is 90% bots now anyway...

  3. 1 hour ago, Lawman said:

    I don't know enough of the history of Skelth, since I only played there recently.  But I do think that a subscription-based server is better for the players and, perhaps, better for NCWest in the long run.  NCWest probably sees Classic as a short-term money maker, though, and they can make more money in the short term from P2W.  Sad, but they are probably right.  I do wish they would make one new server and make it subscription based with no P2W and bots heavily policed and see what happens.  It seems like it would be worth the experiment, anyway.  What do they have to lose? 

    Yes, it seems that NA Classic is just to make fast-cash for ncwest. Why would the make the "normal" server, when the p2w shheit and bots give them way moore $, they don't give a sheit about the Lineage 2 (sad... very), their main goal (sadly too) is just to earn as much $ as possible in a short term

  4. 2 minutes ago, GodEmperorRump said:

    They obviously don't care, real people stop playing and it just becomes an RMT/Bot fiesta like Skelth. Just baffles me how the same mistakes keep being made over and over when people want this game to succeed so freakin badly.

    it's not a mistake, do you realize how much $$$ they made from the start... They'll just open new classics in 2-3 years and the story will repeat

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