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  1. Ah, ok. I see you don't play very long, and you don't know what happened to the other ncsoft servers
  2. this is the NCSOFT version of free to play, enjoy ^^
  3. Are you sure about that? Do you realize that when everyone leaves you will play alone on dead server? Are you OK with that?
  4. they will investigate the issues with the DEV's - THATS THE ANSWER
  5. now fix adena and drop and spoil rates and go look in a problem in your own 14 years old game, just dont forget to do VERY DEEP ANALYSIS and INVESTIGATION!
  6. These servers in a couple of months will be the same as Skelth
  7. there is classic wiki, but rates here are like x0.25
  8. 1) it's not legal, but there are still botters 2) don't think so 3) yes. they only showed up on weekend for 1 hour
  9. I'm going to screenshot your comment and then I will post it and tag you in it when they add this to the Classic l2store, are you ok with that? Because it is surely going to happen, maybe in weeks, maybe couple of months
  10. They are like; x0.70 exp / x0.3 drop/spoil / x0.3 adena
  11. they didn't, everyone just lives with hope they will, and they will be greatly dissapointed on wednesday
  12. Okay man, so you agree that they were advertising it as a original experience but in reality, actually IT ISN'T AS THE ORIGINAL L2, yes?
  13. So you agree that your shampoo producer is lying?
  14. whot ar you tolking abeut, its truely frree to pleys!! TRUELY!! FREE!!
  15. Well, lets look at how the game is marketed. Lineage II Classic "Take a step back in time and relive the original Lineage II experience as it was in the beginning (...)" Well, I really also have no idea why
  16. just wait till most "complainers" leave and only wallet warriors will stay:)
  17. yeah why didnt they just make 1x rates and for those who have vip 1.5 rates? lol..
  18. I was thinking about this before launch, but thank god i didn't
  19. Hmm to be really honest with you,I was thinking about buying myself a small launch pack, and even some coins but after seeing that we are dealing with much lowered rates and vip & boosts only get you little bit closer to 1x rates, I wont do it since im not very optimistic about future of this version of "classic"
  20. Advertise & open server -> lower exp & drop rates (but keep it a secret) -> sell thousands of launch packs, vips,boosts etc -> people leave & stop paying -> repeat = profit
  21. NCSOFT now - "Look what this dude rpgmaniac just said on the forum,we better do as he says.." Sorry but do you really believe they will listen to you or me? I think not. Some "hardcore" players will still play,buy their boosts which make them feel better,but after couple of weeks,after month or two, players will start leaving because they can do anything more without paying many $. That will continue until the servers are dead (right now i can guess it will +/- 6 months)
  22. Hmm my char is lvl 21,and i swear i just lost 20% on 2 deaths today
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