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  1. 1 minute ago, BroBro said:

    After watching the patch preview stream, I have to say I'm disappointed in the people who are making decisions for this classic server. 


    Let me start by saying I am a veteran of Lineage 2 before Awakening and have played since Chronicle 1 up until Awakening.


    This classic server is supposed to bring back the old player base. If you don't stick with the classic Lineage 2 gameplay, then the old player base won't come back and this game will be essentially built for the new player base which defeats the purpose.


    I am mainly concerned with the decision to not include item drop upon death by monster and death by PK while a character has Karma. This will defeat the entire purpose of hunting a character that has Karma. It also gives no reason not to just PK all the time besides XP loss. This will have a huge negative impact on the classic appeal to the server. Having no item drop upon death does not reduce griefing, but instead promotes unawareness in players and no real feeling of threat which are both very important features of Classic Lineage 2.


    Please take my opinions into consideration. I have a whole group a players willing to play and they all approve of item drop. 



    Where have you found this kind of information?

  2. 21 minutes ago, Winterfressh said:

    @Doug aye pal, aye, I'm from the good part of the world.

    I hope they don't pull this timezone shit on the launch and they don't launch on Thursday morning in EU, while advertising Wednesday, as everyone took Wednesday off here. Anything after 15:00 GMT is unacceptable tbh for launch.


    I'm from the EU too, and please, speak for yourself, for me it's 100% acceptable, I prefer to have launch on evening than in morning. Just chill and wait for info, stop spamming 1000 new threads.

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  3. On 28.09.2018 at 10:23 PM, FatHips said:

    This affects siege balance more than anything, if your bd/sws die with 5 mins s/d, it almost does not matter, if they die with 2 min s/d it matters a lot.  Also, it devalues the class played live.


    Please don't increase the time, it's a terrible change to appease people who like to box bd/sws, but in effect it changes the game's strategy in its most important event.  You can enchant them for time up to 5 minutes at +30 skill with giants books eventually.  This is an important part of 3rd class bd/sws.

    Oh well, can't win them all :)  This is definitely the "lite" version.

    But.. this "classic" is a bit designed for people who like to box. More boxes=more exp boosts sold etc.

  4. 49 minutes ago, Kormor said:

    Witam serdecznie :D
    Na pewno też zajrzę na Giran, skoro ma być dedykowany bardziej dla europy (zresztą ciekawe czy kiedyś powstanie typowy europejski server)

    Mam takie pytanie, nie umiałem się doczytać, czy można już pobrać od nich classica? Czy wiadomo w jakich godzinach ruszy server?

    Też Giran. Europejski server raczej prędko nie powstanie z racji tego, że licencje na działalność w Europie posiada rosyjska Innova (4game), w związku z czym server dedykowany dla graczy z Europy (Giran GMT+1) jest zlokalizowany w USA.

    Klienta możesz już pobrać, a w dniu uruchomienia serverów będzie do pobrania dodatkowa aktualizacja (podobno około 2 GB), po której w kliencie pojawią się 2 servery Classic (Giran i Talking Island). Nie wiadomo póki co w jakich godzinach ruszą servery.

  5. 3 hours ago, Lawman said:

    Why not?  If it makes the game better, do it.  Hard core for the sake of rewarding hard work is good.  Hard core for it's own sake makes no sense.

    Okay, so give autoloot for everything (not only adena), give NPC buffer, give shadow/newbie/adventurer weapons, and make rates 1000x. Why not?

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