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  1. 14 minutes ago, FatHips said:

    If Skelth got destroyed it had nothing to do with pay2play.  There's many other factors at play, game management and development for a few.

    In my opinion it has. As time flows and the progress slows, people getting bored, that's when they should lower the subscription cost, let's say 5euro instead of 10.

  2. It doesn't work at the moment. It seems they just ban random accounts, probability that they will hit a bot is very high.

    Getting rid of bots requires only one thing: active gm's in game (they don't have to be online 24/7, just check some areas from time to time). There are areas very affected by bots like forgotten temple (which is almost full of bots), elven village (and other starter villages maybe too, bots are spamming 1k adena quest there all the time)

  3. Rad boss event - totally useless after changes so it has 0 impact

    Attendance event - the same imo since its rewards are not tradeable

    Pumpkinface - yes, its one of the main reasons of queues.

    About VIP's - maybe yes, maybe no.

    10 days fishing poles - next big reason of queues - so what if they disappear when I can create new 20 lvl's chars in couple of hours for the next 10 days.\


    Honestly, I think that after pumpkinface event ends, we shall see some new events in the game that will reward ppl for logging multiple accounts, all that because NC West wants to keep the propaganda of success (high online).


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