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  1. 14 minutes ago, Avenza said:

    Nothing is "bugged" just play the game or leave you are scaring potential players that want to play the fvcking game. I agree that drop rates could be a little higher but there is no rush here as in other illegal servers, its as chill as it gets.

    Even "GM's" now admitted that adena drop and spoil on 40+ is an issue, but i see you know everything better.

  2. Just now, esna88 said:

    you guys should think of putting in a dang auction house cuz this 3/4 item limit and sitting to try and sell stuff just takes way to much time, id rather be working on lvling then sitting or running around selling my stuff tryna make adena to get a weapon or whatever..

    want auction house? go play live server dude... what is wrong with you, this is CLASSIC = no AUCTION HOUSE understand?

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  3. 14 minutes ago, KafukaFura said:

    no, it isnt. I have my orc shaman lvl21  in Talkin server. I dont wanna start the same repetitive process to get the same lvl  in Aden server. 

    As many here, i started the first day of the launch in TI

    man 21 lvl its not even full day of playing xD its like 6-8 hours max

  4. 1 hour ago, BlackLordBG said:

    I never try them but acording to your logic 2 sec after respown they are dead ok nice event  so not everyone can participate can you read again my first post and stop argue just to argue

    I think moderators should block possibily of haters to post go back hate all pretend you are n1 bb hf ty

    yeah.. haters.. there are already events going on in game if you dont know , players like you spam the forum all the time with your useless threads

  5. Just now, Aly said:

    It is about the game market share. For areas with local Lineage2 distributor, the distributor from other areas should not touch their customers, theoretically.

    That's why RU banned NA IPs, vise versa

    and thats why NA banned RU :)

  6. 36 minutes ago, Aly said:

    When EU classic server launched, NA players were declined bu banning ip. I had to use vpn to even start the game. It is said the market is divided by physical locations.

    So now I think maybe we should expel EU users too? Ban Asian IPs for sure! And ban any IPs with more than 200 connections please. I am pretty sure they are VPN servers.

    you for real? because RU banned NA , you want to ban EU? lol xD

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