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  1. So for what purpose has this topic been created? In order to litter the forum? VIPs also have queues, it has been known for several days
  2. Please some moderator block creating useless threads, thanks
  3. In my opinion: 1. fishing lvl 40+ 2. Hit (at least) the boss to get the buff/box
  4. you want server sub based? then go play skelth :).
  5. Soon vips will have QUEUES TOO since everybody buys VIP1 now, just wait patiently one month when the half of players will leave because it will be too hard
  6. what servers you mean, Aden? it will be full (just like giran and ti) in a short time
  7. No matter how many servers they ADD,they will be full after some time,because of rmt,bots and afkers
  8. Did gms told you that if you have vip you skip queue?
  9. Wait a month,half of players will leave and will be no queues
  10. Well,where was it written that vip=no queue? Lol
  11. don't worry, soon it will be full of items (incl. p2w)
  12. Just because its in english its eu..? ermm.. no.. Innova is russian company, 90% players are russian = this is russian official on which eu players can play, we dont have true EU official server. About ping, i see that for most players it's ok (including me). Subscription 10euro is too big for now (server is old), on beggining its maybe good but after some time it should be reduced to 5euro or less to keep ppl playing, vip is not more expensive than subscription, you can pay 5$ and have vip1 for 5 months
  13. that would mean 1 pc = 1 vip, not like its now 1 pc = 3 vips... sorry wont happen
  14. "european" ... lol its russian, 90% are russians, their bots and chinese farmers.. stop posting this *** russian official
  15. reason is simple: too many afk (especially multiple boxes around event monsters, some ppl have even 9+ boxes there), too many bots, rmt and fishing (i know its part of the game, but while you are afk fishing, ppl who want to play cant login - thats the sad truth).
  16. @Hime @Juji when can we expect a 'potential' fix?
  17. Will you fix this queue disconnects finallyy or not???????????
  18. So when they fix? Very good job that you fixed the rates but i cant even log into game to play lol
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