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  1. 21 minutes ago, beleaua said:

    it's in english? it's eu official, ru have other servers. from what i see they ban bots unlike ncwest.

    still a better experience for europeans. 40 ping vs 200 ping, no l2 store vs l2 store, vip more expensive than subscription. obviously there is the disadvantage of free boxes so i think this is why people jumped here.

    Just because its in english its eu..? ermm.. no..

    Innova is russian company, 90% players are russian = this is russian official on which eu players can play, we dont have true EU official server.

    About ping, i see that for most players it's ok (including me). Subscription 10euro is too big for now (server is old), on beggining its maybe good but after some time it should be reduced to 5euro or less to keep ppl playing, vip is not more expensive than subscription, you can pay 5$ and have vip1 for 5 months

  2. reason is simple: too many afk (especially multiple boxes around event monsters, some ppl have even 9+ boxes there), too many bots, rmt and fishing (i know its part of the game, but while you are afk fishing, ppl who want to play cant login - thats the sad truth).

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