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  1. Thats why they dont want to fix it,because ppl still choose to buy vip to skip queue
  2. Thats exactly what im talking about all the time, good to know that im not the only one with some parts of brain still in active use.
  3. I achieved everything i wanted in my life, so yeah - nothing better to do atm
  4. Seems like you are new around here. It's not "just few days after launch", they were doing the same with their LIVE servers for YEARS, what do you expect from a company like that?
  5. maybe your free 7-day set went off
  6. You still believe in their words, huh...? That's sad..
  7. It would require only to log-in for 5-10 minutes and check towns, but wait.. it's too much effort...
  8. My advice to everyone: refund while you still can, before they block your account.
  9. So can you please tell us WHAT ARE THE RATES NOW? and im happy that you are "fixing" it now, but can you tell us WHY it happened and who screwed his job (or not)?
  10. Yes, im not talking about timezones? Lol
  11. Everything they say about banning bots = lie. They are "working so hard" and bots are laughing and still around
  12. Thanks for info update but STILL NOTHING CHANGED...
  13. Still waiting for adena/drop/spoil/exp rates fix
  14. I can do this for free just give me the rights! I love this game and it would be a honor to help the community
  15. they have been doing this for a few good years, I would not be surprised if it would come out, that everything was planned in advance ... I do not know why, I do not know why (because I think they would earn money too ( and even more) if they showed that they are a competent company ... Unfortunately, the players were failed again (luckily for me it's for the first time, but I will always be forewarned about this "company")
  16. Will you be closing accounts offering adena in game?? It only requires to log-in for 5 minutes , check town squares and voila
  17. when the company F*** you but you still pay them......
  18. haha probably next week on the next mainteance, but it can fail too
  19. but who would buy vip then to skip queue,, nobody = no profits for koreans brothers
  20. DONT PAY, this server is a big failure right now/ just ask for refund while you still can
  21. It wasn't reduced today or yesterday, it was reduced by 25% before they launched servers
  22. well, during 2,5 h mainteance they added 2 new hats to l2store
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