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  1. Just now, Elin said:

    Yes. Until they prove me the opposite, of course. They are doing some things wrong but they are working on it. Sorry but i dont blame for everything and lose my faith in just few days after the server launch. New services are chaotic at first but not unfixable. I would be worried if they say that they are not going to fix it but now i will wait and see if it's fixed this week. Not a problem for me.

    Seems like you are new around here. It's not "just few days after launch", they were doing the same with their LIVE servers for YEARS, what do you expect from a company like that?

  2. 6 minutes ago, BobGratton said:

    Instead of fixing second most priority thing like bots, can't u guys just fix queue? I mean how hard is it? You guys gonna lose a lot of players. How did u guys also allow the game to be launched with all those MAJOR problem in the first place. Huge lack of competence right there.

    they have been doing this for a few good years, I would not be surprised if it would come out, that everything was planned in advance ... I do not know why, I do not know why (because I think they would earn money too ( and even more) if they showed that they are a competent company ... Unfortunately, the players were failed again (luckily for me it's for the first time, but I will always be forewarned about this "company")

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  3. 1 minute ago, AdrsDK said:

    There is no way to login at all.... it kicks you out before even reaching the end of the queue.

    Can someone from L2 team let us know when this will be fixed?


    haha probably next week on the next mainteance, but it can fail too xD

  4. 1 minute ago, LaLechera said:

    Oh, I also noticed that yesterday I was getting around 1800 experience per monster in Cruma Marshands, now the same monster gives me 1224, I guess EXP was reduced? It also happened to me in Elven Fortress.

    It wasn't reduced today or yesterday, it was reduced by 25% before they launched servers

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