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  1. they also didn't say the rates will be so ridiculously lowered
  2. There is almost the same amount of characters on Giran and TI, and I'm in the game just for the boxes from event monsters. I'm waiting till they announce what they decided.
  3. Yeah, I'm one of them too, I just sit there on event monsters to get the boxes until they decide what they will do with adena/drop/spoil issue^^
  4. They won't tell but they are like EXP x0.75 / SPOIL/DROP x0.25 / ADENA x0.25
  5. Come on its obvious the devs dont care, this whole classic project looks right now like a fast cash grab, nothing more
  6. Look, I know THEY CAN DO IT, but it seems they don't want to, or maybe not so fast and i guarantee you that nothing will change after wednesday mainteance
  7. It wont.. nothing will happen on wednesday, if they are "still looking into it" how do you want them to make changes in 2 days
  8. OMG Why it takes u so long to look into this? this is obvious, how many more days/months/years u need to see this
  9. Glad you are enjoying our old times classic ultra-mega-giga-hardcore server. now please head to the l2store ^^
  10. But gm just said that there is no exp error, so someone is obviously lying here
  11. no error with drop rate or experience? lol, so mobs outside dion with 2x hp giving 150 exp is 100% good? HAHA those gm's are a joke, this company is a big joke
  12. yup everyone leaves 3 boxes on event monsters, thats why you cant login. Other thing is that 6k capacity (around 1,5-2k real players) is a joke in 2018.
  13. well the GM's also dont have time for us, they are offline almost 24/7, showed up once on friday to do some crappy 1 hour event, lol.
  14. you just admitted that you are a weak troll, we can ignore you from this point
  15. dude 1 minute ago you posted that you don't give a *** about US (i dont know who you mean), you wished happy day and happy crying, and you are still here trolling.. Please, stop humiliating and plunging yourself.
  16. Well my friend for example created account on forum just to vote, lol.
  17. OH yeah, that's very interesting maybe do some guide on how to play? many people would be grateful
  18. I don't buy shots from ncstore. Game is advertised as free to play, but on some lvl there is an invisible wall which you can't overpass without paying.
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