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  1. Unfortunately the scrolls being sold for any amount of time will have a lasting affect. Accidentally PK'ing someone is part of the awesome dynamic that the current system produces, you can always choose NOT to hit them that one more time, but hey sometimes a guy takes his gear off while wearing Halloween outfit and all the sudden your red. Again choices,consequences,decisions, these types of things make L2. I accidentally PK'd someone the other night while toting my brand new c grade weapon, I then proceeded to get very very nervous and logged the bleep out. It was an awesome experience.
  2. Here are the current results of the survey. http://www.surveymonkey.com/stories/SM-NZ5L2NK8/ If I had thought to do this sooner I would of happily paid to increase the survey capacity but on the current(free) plan It does not show more results after 100 people have submitted a response. But given that this change is being implemented tomorrow(I think) I am just going to let this speak for it self.
  3. NC Soft does indeed have to make money which is understandable however I personally think the shop already has many revenue generating items that are regularly being sold. You also have to spend money monthly to maintain VIP status on top of the many hundreds of people who purchase things like runes,shots,accessories, buff scrolls,etc. Im confused by your statement, are you saying PK scrolls would make the server less care bear? Or the PK system as it is? The current system in my opinion favors more towards the non care bear side, which is how the game should be and was designed from th
  4. Agreed, it would be easy for me to purchase 100 PK scrolls If I wanted. We all know this will happen
  5. This is a valid point in very small scale scenarios, sure I can level up a toon to PK solo or duo groups at lower level with minimal gear investment. But if you level up a toon to PK higher level groups with gear and you don;t fulyl invest, you are not going to be able to PK them.
  6. Thanks for all the participants thus far. Please continue to fill out the survey
  7. Also Adding that you can view the survey results after submitting your vote.
  8. I have seen multiple threads created with people complaining about this but I think it would be beneficial to the Classic Community to have a consolidated approach and some statistics for the devs to consider before deploying such a tragic change. If you have anything else to add to this thread please feel free to do so One of the core interactions in this game is how the pvp/pk system CURRENTLY works. This game is all about risk/reward and consequences, deciding to make that PK and potentially losing your newly crafted C grade weapon after exerting a lot of effort to get it. You c
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