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  1. It was a while before the zones changed.
  2. The imbalance between classes makes it increasingly unfeasible to play with a tyrr.Administrators only focus on 3 class. It is really very difficult to take a spot, so when anyone comes I have to leave it without more I can't do anything against other classes dd. It's absurd that any dd kill me with 3 or 4 skills,I really wonder why they hate tyrrs so much. Many will say that this is not the case. Reality is the best tyrr of the server became an archer since he could not do anything with his entire team but die.So if someone so equipped failed like that,What happens to those we
  3. I was uploading some of the skills, and I ran out of SP. happened to you too? I had the maximum number of points, enough to raise my skills more than once... so what happened? maybe by changing the dual class?
  4. Very few people could buy. What about people who can't connect early? I think they should expand the maximum, with some items they put 1000 at most and this time only 300..
  5. Does anyone know how to do it? Try to do what you ask me in the instructions but when trying to send the ticket there is no option.Is there any way to do it? Or was I scammed by nc soft? ;:D
  6. Enter the golden compass is still shit only for donors...I went back to play just to be disappointed again, keep it up nc soft ....always thinking of people full gear ...
  7. I could easily refute all his arguments but I would waste my time.After playing other games I came to the conclusion that the l2 stayed in the past.I could easily make a list with 100 things to correct..
  8. I think it's time to turn off the servers .The only way to get back to the interesting game is to listen to your community, but they do not do it because the idea is not to reactivate the server .since I've been here I've heard the same thing over and over again, I think they're liars..Do not think too much, many users make good contributions and even then they have come to this.
  9. Because always good events are directed to your friends?.it will be because they want people to migrate to the classic server? the only thing they do as always is to help their friends top gear...always the same do not waste your time answering,
  10. noob

    Tyrr Duelist !

    Hi, I wanted to know how to set up a tyrr duelist, basically sub / dual class and AP skills. I do not understand very well this type of character, probe with dyes de str and weapon blody +12, I do not surpass 50 k of patk in lvl 101. If you could guide me with the right items that I should equip, I would be grateful. Many people told me that the duelist only has p.atck and p.skill cirtical .. others told me that I only focus on the hp and secondarily on the patk. Currently I have 127 of str, I was told that after 131 the stats in str make a big increase but I could not verify. I apologiz
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