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  1. lol i dont bot, i am full 100 % there. I pass the last 2 days killing bresillian farmers and i finally got him tired at his own medecine. People are so dumb thinking everyone here are bots. I just said it should be as every other games. People telling i am a bot ARE probably themself bot and like using this method. As long as the game allow i will sure use it too. I will train bots, farmers. Still i am honest enough to say that it should not be allowed.
  2. ya its like everyone have fakedeath, thats not logical. If you want fake death , make a dwarf. Its not logical that you can logoff while being aggo, like any other games
  3. Lots of farmers use this exploit to kill lower player. They aggro lots of mobs and they go near lower levels and restart so others get killed. Like every other game, when you get aggro, you should be consider in combat and cant restart or logoff. Or put a 10 seconds timer where you character need to be standstill before logoff. That s just logical. fix this please thank you
  4. Ok we should not be allow to restart or quit the game when you get aggro from mobs. Lots of farmers use this Exploit to kill others. They aggro lots of mobs and when they are near you they log off. When mobs aggro you, you should be consider in combat or put a 10 second timer before resart or logoff. This is really annoying and not logical. you need to fix this thank you
  5. We recruiting casual player who want to enjoy the game without any pressure. We have discord but its not mandatory to use it. As long as you active . No daily taxes . We will evolve at our own pace. Its not a race but a marathon. Come enjoy the game with us Apply in clan entry
  6. Keep in mind that DA panther need C crystal to summons. Nobody will be able to substain constant summoning at 40 . Good long term choice
  7. Hi , Please Dev i am VIP 4 and intend to keep it but i dont want the xp boost, can you put the xp/sp boost on a toggle switch so we can decide if we want it or not please . XP boost is the worst thing we can have right now. Thi is very discouraging. I remember the real retail version being able to buy a full D grade set from shop at lvl 28-30. Its not even dreamable in this version. Thank you Dev @Hime, @Juji
  8. anyone who played others classic version can confirm that? thank you
  9. even in classic? wow damn expansive to get that panther out
  10. Hiya anyone know if you still need crystal to summon the panther or spirit ores?
  11. Thats is not the optimal setup though.
  12. Back in time i was doing my sub SpS with an SE and an EE. Endless mana healing and enough buff to rock the house PVE
  13. Oh jeez need full vip 4 party then lol
  14. You buy them now and spend them when game is on. You need to spend them to keep the vip meter up
  15. Ya i sent you a personal message check your inbox
  16. buy 2000 Nc coins, that will make go from vip3 to vip4( after the use of the pack scroll) then you will need to keep spending 1320(if i am correct) each month to keep this lvl
  17. You get 50% bonus on drops when Vip4 but if you party with others who dont have the same lvl of Vip. How the bonus works? tx
  18. Hello Darkness my old Friends..........
  19. Old clans that i remember are. Little Pigs, Stars, White Orders, Mirage , The Darkness, Invincible. Shadowknights, Bleu Wolf, . Hope to see old names pop back in lol
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