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  1. which clan you were in or what Nick you used?
  2. Is there any old Lionna player who coming back on Talking island server?
  3. oops i put 10$ but wanted to say 30$, my bad. Your right you can do it with 25$ , point are not loose for keeping the vip lvl next month though.
  4. I remember playing when this game launch and the best player on the server was actually an SR. No one could 1vs 1 him. I was warlord at that time so i didnt know the class well lol. One thing i learned playing that game is you better have a bit more speed than a bit more strengh. At the end every class have their purpose, play what you like lol
  5. yep 30$ pack get vip lvl 3 , so another little 10$ and you get vip lvl 4
  6. Cherche tu un clan exclusivement francais?
  7. oh ya this is the ME!!!! lol Comon Baby light my fire!!!!!!!!
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