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  1. Wrong Quest mob ?

    nvm found the right mobs.. But both have same name. will confuse some people
  2. Wrong Quest mob ?

    Suppose to kill 20 Ol Mahum Novices to get Emereld Pieces for Elven Knight transfer quest. But they are Semi Raid boss type mob + with 6-7 aggro mob with it. Do not think its soloable. Plus spawn rate is really bad. around 1 every 10 min or so. To even get 20. probably take 3-4 hours to get it with full party. In wiki it consider a lvl 17 lowbie mob not a "incredible Strong Monster".
  3. Have to get 20 Elemerald Piece from Ol Mahum Novices. But when you get to abandon camp. They are semi Raidboss type mobs that is surrounded by 5-6 aggro mobs. And that one mob only spawn once every 10 min or so. Getting 20 of them or even one Soloing is impossible. There is got to be mistake in the quest mob name.