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  1. Quite nice, maybe a bit too long I skipped tru mostf of it but good job!
  2. Get skill at lvl 40 but can drop books from 80+ mobs. Sounds like fun
  3. Any of the transcendent dungeons seems to be unclearable without Deluxe Pack gear which makes me question hard whether this is balance issue or was intended like this. Did my first transcended dung at lv48, did the 40-49 one with my swordsinger (geared from quests) + defense and attack scrolls and died under a minute. Cannot clear it at all. Using health potions too. Used tran.dung recharge ticket - went back - died hard again Did same again at lv56, 50-59 tran.dungeon and ran into the same problem. Even used zaken transformation for extra stats. Died even faster. This is either ce
  4. I think this happens when you try to enter with summoned agathion
  5. I tried the 40-49 lv one when I was lv48 with quest geared Swordsinger with full buffs and free boost scrolls, died after 1 minute. Same happened at lvl 50 trancendent. Already quit since server is unplayable without Deluxe Pack And yes used over 800 health potions and still die before timer hits 9 minutes left.
  6. It is super sad when you see legit and honest players like iHyperlite being big part of the community, caring for the game and just being completely ignored
  7. If you don't p2w you can farm around 200-400mil a day at level 110. Considering "average" builds are around 300-500bil so you only need to farm Adena for around 1500 days to gear up (3-4 years depending how lucky you are with drops). So yes, game is unplayable if you can't afford it. On the other hand game is surely fun and you can have lots of quality gaming time with the right company :))
  8. Anyone has idea what this is all about? Is this another mobile game? https://lineagew.plaync.com/
  9. Thats not bad loot at all I the best I got from 500+ was 1 luc dye
  10. Yes there is no balance whatsoever on essence (future Aden) and there is like 3-4 viable classes unless you spend thousands of dollars and gear "non-meta" class. This is also can be all wrong if as they say "Aden" is new service and IF it includes class rebalancing(which i highly doubt)
  11. Showing chance in % of each item you can get is worse than putting a sign saying "DON'T BUY THIS BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT GET ANYTHING GOOD"
  12. Why there is no such thing as weekend exp events? At the current state with barely any exp events the game becomes too boring, repetitive and uninviting. Having EXP events on weekends would not only make people play and login more, but as well would help you guys (NCSOFT) boost up sales or Vitality Maint. packs and such. Even 50% exp events on weekends would be extremely helpful and beneficial and would definitely please A LOT of players. Staff @Juji, is there or were there any discussions about this and why is it not part of the game?
  13. It's similar to mob drop rates for rare items, going from 2% and lower. Knowing that RNG is RNG, even 2% can mean if you open 1mil boxes with 2% chance of getting an item you want you can still not get it.
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