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  1. It would seem that you need ~120kk instead of 60kk for lvl 55-56. The exp required per 57-60 lvls is much less.
  2. Would it be so hard to restart the server daily to kill all afk fishers and let active people play normally?
  3. -200 for the que in the last 30min. Hmm... people either logging or quiting
  4. 50 golems in spider nest = 3 iron ores, with supposedlly 40% spoil rate in db...
  5. same error when launching second window
  6. All that I see. But if you suggest there are problems in killing PK chars, how does new changes solve this? I believe there is already baff that protects you from PK 10lvls above yours.
  7. Seriously? Change to the basic pvp mechanic(which has been unchanged since lineage creation) is the way" it should be played"? Please, tell me more any other special ways?
  8. Also how does this "helps" with the PK "issues". Previously when you kill a chaotic character YOU will get something for that, now it just dissapers into nowhere...
  9. So when you try to flag and kill someone by accident in a crowded place, you just loose some of your items including epics, OE equip, which probably takes you months to farm? That's insane... And how it supoose to work when people will try to abuse with 1st level characters?(e.g. if random people will follow you/your clan/pick up loot during aoe farms etc)
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