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  1. We have seen a huge amount of interest, more than we expected. I didn't know there were this many awesome English speaking players on TI server!! So thank you to all those jumping in Discord! We welcome all those that bring a positive attitude and a CLAN FIRST mentality.
  2. What an awesome start to this classic Reboot!! (aside from the server side issues) To all those that have joined, Welcome. We love having you and appreciate all your doing to drive WPG forward!! We have opened the second clan, and Have plans for a 3rd (MAINS only). payment are expected to drive the levels forward and prep for clan halls. Please reach out to Dannyboy, Nagne, PerfectionWPG, Snapple or simply shout for a WarriorPoet officer in world chat ;p. Happy Hunting all,
  3. You clearly were not around during Prelude, I assure you over 50% of those coming to this Classic server WILL be botting now due to you guys complaining about Looping Macros to be taken out. Now you can't even train the BOTs to get their gear. Big misstep
  4. I was never around for when Looping macros were around. I honestly have no skin in the game. I was only around during the actual start of L2 and all we saw were a TON of L2 Walker driven parties. By removing that in-game mechanic all you are doing is ensuring WAY more botting. I guess good for the guys okay with cheating. But garbage for us legit players trying to keep up.
  5. So there is only a small group of WarriorPoets coming to this Classic and we are thinking of just joining a solid clan that is English based. If not we will just create WPG (WarriorPoetsGaming). Any solid groups already formed or looking to form up? Thanks,
  6. Thanks for the clarity guys so no need to sub, just keep buying coins on their accounts per month. Cheers,
  7. This happened to me, Please contact support they are the only ones that can fix it. Mine got sorted today. It might take them a few days, did for me. It was due to creating multiple accounts from the same IP, it flags your accounts and you actually can still log into the game, but are locked out of the account management pages. Just email Support@Lineage2.com and give them all your account emails and they will unblock them. Hope that helps.
  8. I hope so, I know there has been a bit of complaining about making this Classic version completely like the Prelude etc. I think we often forget how frustrating some of those aspects were and the fact that our servers were dominated by L2 Walker parties, from the outset. The top alliances/clans all had full-time L2 Walker parties running. Yet guys are complaining about the Looping macros and other QoL aspects here. I'm all in favor of as many QoL's (Updated quests) as we can get to keep up with the botters. Because we all know they will be there. D,
  9. The second post nailed it. If you are going Melee for your main DPS a WC or SE are key. That vamp is crucial and can keep your party going and save you needing to ONLY heal.
  10. Hi all coming to Classic, So I've looked around the boards and the site and I THINK I understand how this is going to work. But please understand I have been away from L2 since like C3-5ish I played Prelude to one of those chronicles. Cruma Tower was still a relevant grinding spot when I played and fought over ;p. So here is my question, I'm wanting to try starting with 3 accounts the max per PC. Now with these Looping macros, I might be able to stay just behind those running bots. I want to keep them all at the VIP 4 level if I can. But what does that Entail?
  11. I have everything set to English yet when I go to the package page. It just tells me that the page can't load. I toke a SS I can link.
  12. Once they do know will we see a separate post on these boards?
  13. This is great thank you for starting this thread, I'm looking to go hard with 3 accounts but have not played L2 in Years+++ I was a prelude to C3-5 er I think Can't remember when I left tbh, but excited to see L2 Classic! Thanks D,
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