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  1. nope, but a response to a support ticket gmail classified it as a "promotion" stuck it in that tab and I saw it 3 days later.
  2. he's not, he's explicitly telling you the problem is Frost doesn't like gameguard, and he has no way to fix that, only innova can
  3. No clue when the next one will be, most people guess in the Autumn. Last one was April, the one before that September.
  4. Nobody *has to* support any OS. It's in their interest to support the OSes their customers use, but in no way and shape are they required to, much less OSes that are yet unreleased. If you use an unreleased os, you take it as is, bugs and all, and provide your own support. If some piece of software you want to use is no available on the OS you want to use, well you make your choice. OS or software. This is especially true in the business world, were the majority haven't even switched to windows 10 YET, cause the software they use doesn't support it.
  5. open launcher, log in, start game. Once the first client starts, go back to launcher, log out (click icon on the top right and select log out), log in second account, start game, repeat for a third time, that's the maximum you can do, 3 clients. alternatively, click the gear icon at the top left, and in the "When starting the game" option, select close launcher. This will allow you to open launcher again once the fist client starts, and log in again and start a second window etc
  6. Always had a soft spot for crafters. Since C3. Shame they barely craft anymore
  7. you can't take the buff anymore if your dualclass is under 105. You could last week, you can't anymore. You have to switch to main, take the buff, then switch to dual. I know cause I do it on my dwarf (leveling her dualclass). I think you are just not paying attention. You think you didn't get a reward, when in reality you didn't get the buff at all.
  8. I have no clue how Chronos is, but on Naia there are toons named TGX1 through 68 fishing. Doubt somebody has dedicated 23 pcs, to open 3 client windows per pc, and fish "legally".
  9. reading comprehension fail what's the first item on the list? So you 're f*cked, whether you open them or not
  10. Great Seriously though, I assume you mean the people that got those rewards will at least get compensated with "working" cubes, right? That's 2 hours wasted per deleted reward otherwise
  11. expect crying from hoarders hoping to sell those by the way, Naia is a mess again, half the party (and lots more people near) dced, can't log back in again. Stuck at server selection screen. Server magically went light
  12. It's a 17 year old game with a dwindling global population. It's unable/unwilling to attract new players (yeah I know,how amazing, start a char during the exp event and you can be 105/105 in 7 days, then vitality rune expires and it takes 2 months to get to 106) so don't expect swaths of fresh content. Right now the only purpose of the game is to milk as much money as possible out of those that couldn't really play 15 years ago and are now mid thirties with disposable income and have a nostalgic love for it. If you think about it, there's AAA titles out there that cost a fraction of what
  13. You 're terrible at math ... 50 chests -> 4000 NCoin -> 50 euro/usd 450 chests -> 36000 Ncoin -> 450 euro/usd Not that I 'm saying that what he got for his 450 eur/usd was worthwhile, but it was nowhere near $22,500
  14. the best armor option before R110 , if you are willing to spend the 50 euro/usd it costs, is the blessed exalted set from the ncoin shop + 50 enchants to +10 it (100% enchant rate). 1440 ncoin for the armor +50*70 ncoin for the enchants If unwilling, follow the exalted quest ingame, after 40000 mobs you will get a normal exalted set. R99 is a waste of money/time. You can't bloody it, so you might as well just go for r110. +10 Blessed Exalted is basically equivalent to +8 Bloody R99 which you can't make, just buy from other players If you insist on R99, you can buy it, or craft
  15. it's not his/her connection. Naia went heavy -> light in one second flat, and nobody could log back in. That's people from different continents, not just cities/countries. That happened 7 times in one night.
  16. I hope you mean instability not stability ... cause no exaggeration, we 've been kicked out 7 times today, and it's taken from 10 minutes to 40 minutes for the server to accept reconnections, if that shows up as stability in your diagnostics ...
  17. I 'm wrong, it's not that, it was purely coincidence, I logged in with the VPN just as the server was coming back up.
  18. i suspect their upstream provider has issues with its connection to Europe. I just used a US VPN and it connects fine, if I try to login without a VPN it logs in then the client exits completely.
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