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  1. TI no long has a que, not even for VIP0 during peek weekend time from my experience couple days ago.
  2. These are quite expensive to the point where not many will go around popping them at $1-3 per PK. That being said, its a nice revenue stream that I would hope to help reduce the cost of other items like xp/sp runes, we shall see...
  3. GMs confirmed the rates, its simple math after that, no theory or speculation required, however everyone's experience will vary based on RNG. My post was clearly labeled as a calculation for "anticipated" cost based on these confirmed rates. You had a 19.8% chance, or 1/5 attempts to get your bow/claymore from +3 to +7, which sounds in line with your actual 2/9 results after burning 7 with 2 success to +7.
  4. (2/3)^7=5.85% chance to take a mele wep from +3 to +10 without fail (or 1/17.1 attempts) (1/2)^7=0.78% chance to take a caster wep from +3 to +10 without fail (or 1/128.2 attempts) Lets calculate the anticipated cost using top D caster Ghost/Atuba weps as an example. Assuming value of 2.5kk. D cry on fail ranges from 1776-2326 so lets assume 2k for ease which is about 1.1kk return on fail. Also for ease, lets assume D scroll cost to +7 @ 240k per TI market. (2.5kk*128)-(1.1kk*127)+((128*7)*0.24)=395.3kk Mele equivalent: (2.5kk*17)-(1.1kk*16)+((17*7)*(0.24) = 53.5kk
  5. Half decent idea going here. This will be a step in the right direction to help combat the P2W via RMT sellers and put additional $ in NCSoft's pockets. Forking over the $16 a month to sustain VIP4 is indeed a drop in the bucket vs the otherwise required option for RMT to afford TPs...
  6. Anyone know the application cost for 1st class +1-2 and +1-3 dyes?
  7. You are doing yourself a major disservice by only using the daily xp scrolls to level yourself up. You will find they grant no SP so your lvl 40 skills for example will not be effective against lvl 50+ mobs. If you scroll your way up to say 50+, you will not be able to kill mobs of appropriate level for SP. Same concept if your consistently xping using overhit for extra xp. Only option is to get carried for SP, blow more adena on shots than you would otherwise not need to, or de-level. The scrolls, imo, are there to supplement xp loss from deaths, pvp, etc.
  8. 3 accounts, only candy/aoe from Halloween event. 3 weeks of aden dailys? Nothing but buffs, no c scrolls, no c gear, no spell chest, no blessing. Full drops to date across all characters some of which are in their 50s? 1 D worth 60k in crystals. Some say RNG is determined upon character creation. After witnessing consistent RNG among different characters across Halloween event, Aden, valuable drops and enchanting I am starting to become a believer.
  9. Working 50 hrs a week and being a Dad I can relate....How do I find time to play? Less sleep mainly...down to 4hrs a night if that for the last month+ sense the server launched. Lets see how long I can keep this up...
  10. 2 cents from a single account user lvl 50 who stock piled enough 1kk xp scrolls to get to 55 with past L1-C3 experience.... There are many things already discussed that NCsoft has done to try and strike a balance to appeal to the masses here all the while keeping their profit as a top priority; as they are a for-profit business after all. Times have changed, as has the player base and their expectations for MMOs. NCsoft cannot please everyone, however we as players can chose our own playstyle. L2 classic/early chronical, w/e you want to call it requires a great deal of social intera
  11. Let me know price, mail "Oshy in game
  12. Need 1 more Demon Staff Head, paying top price and can still trade Ghoul + adena too
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