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  1. The only problem i was asking is if i can switch from int. Gpu to high perf. Gpu....cuz i noticed on task manager it is not used at much as it should be. But cpu and ram go up drasticly when moving around so it is ran by intergrated. I tried all the settings and switced off intergrated but the game dont start then. And i use alt p all the time and no its hard to upgrade a laptop...no money for anew rig atm. Ty for all u ur help
  2. Asus x751sj is my laptop wth the n3700 intel procesor 1.6 ghz ghz dual core abd nvidia 920m.
  3. Some asus. Cpu intel dual core not sure witchone but not i series. 4 gb ram. Nvidia 910m 1 gb
  4. Hey guys. I noticed my game is laggy and can't dual box since the lag doubbles. With the hype more or less gone and no afk event I started to consider making a buff box but just not possibile. I don't really have a bad commputer but it's a laptop and has both intergrated and high performance graphic card. So normaly I want the game to run from high perf. But as it is runned via launcher I can't realy specify from where it should run. I tried to disable intergrated in bios bit can't cause I don't have that option. But when I disable it in device manager the game dosent start and I get a re
  5. U did not lost them, they changed the 5$ pack from 800 to 400 (other packs probably aswell) and simply erased the exscess coins. The complain won't work since by the system it looks like u purchased less. Just go and check your transcations
  6. and a great way for 2k people not beng able to play
  7. Agreed, At most 1 box should be allowed, i really don't think that any1 purcashed 4 vip for boxes, and do you really need to play with 4 chars? what's the point in buffer/craft/spoil classes if every1 is boxing them? Not to menition the used server slots for people to afk on them
  8. The problem are the freaking boxes, as a f2p player i can bare that i can't play since a spot that could be mine is used by some1 that does p2p. but i find it unreasonable that not one spot but four are taken by one player.....limit to 2 instances per machine and it will be better fast....do you really need a whole party to grind by yourself? is this game not designed to play with other people?
  9. for one i think that 3 boxes per machine are absurd! best and classic move would be 1 box as it used to be -if the server supports cca. 6k people and most of them exploit the so manny boxes you have around 2k active players -if u wanna play a buffer class as main or crafter better just forget about it cuz there will be cca. 2k guys with both -taking up so manny server slots we now have log in problems just cause of boxes witch are basicly npc eather follow the main or sit in town -so inviting for 3.rd party softvare just something to think about....
  10. and if any of them are reading your complaints know that it will not help them to get it working any faster, relax, eaven if it takes a whole day after the game is lauched you will forget about this frustration just let them work so the launch will be good from the start, it's better it's postponed than having another maitence tommorow
  11. They really have to hurry otherwise the launch will be on the 4.th
  12. Seeing as they are trying to start the servers up i welcocome this as good news, mybe 3.rd time's the charm and they will meet the promised time guess i can stay awake a little longer :)) gj people at nc
  13. Hello i'm just wondering if there wll be any Slovenian players on this server that inteend to start a clan? Would be very interested
  14. if game site is down so probably is the server wait for the site to work then try to log
  15. i'm quite determened to go for orc mystc ( when the servers are finnaly up) just not sure if warcryer or overlord ><''
  16. So....a nooby question but orc overlord does not buff in party right?
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