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  1. I have an account in CHRONOS too, but then, I had character in NAIA too, and in 7 days a week I always experienced LAG specifically in blazing swamp 4 days a week.
  2. x75 Erupting Vitality Potions will be inserted into private warehouses of characters on the Chronos server for the Chronos Latency Spike issue.How about the NAIA? You made 2 server in LIVE but you just selected 1 server.
  3. HAHAHAHA OMG!!! IT'S ONLY 17 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THIS GAME... FOOL YOURSELF NOT ME. the beta is included with that year... I am asking you again if you played LINEAGE II IN 2007, What country got the FRANCHISED, because no other country can have a server if other country got the reward in FRANCHISE. MAYBE IF YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH YOU PLAYED A illegal server. WHOPPPPS.
  4. Some Characters are using Aura skill in CEMETERY to get all the MOBS, is that possible in LIneage II ADEN (BLACKBIRD)? Seems like PROVOKE AURA. i GOT A SCREENSHOT OF THIS.
  5. Wow! How old are you. Did you play LIneage II in 2007? Where country is the server? Every Franchise of the game cannot be played in other country if it was FRANCHISED by one country. If you played LIneage II in 2007 in what country got the Franchised from Korea? Bump your head to LEARN FROM ME.
  6. You are absolutely right, L2 store is a one sided income, using dollars to buy L2 coins and then the L2 coins are use to buy some products in L2 store again, you just bring back the L2 coins, ridiculously those things are not good to the players, this servers are much edited no drops equipment from the mobs such as armor or even a HP potion. In Lineage II in 2007 every mobs have an item drops from equipped, potion, materials used in crafting, and big Adena especially in the place of Dark Elf, and every NPC got a quest accordingly to the level of the characters. You can craft your own equipment
  7. In the original Lineage II of 2007, if you reach the last level for the FIRST CLASS, characters can automatically change into the any dual class they want. The required TASK must be finished to be done. Some QUEST had to be finished to change the character... And, you can change it also to the former CLASS anytime you want but the dual class will remain.
  8. How about to think of adding another Lineage.... Korea made another one the LIneage W maybe NCSoft will going to think of it rather than merging, in which is not good. I missed LIneage 2 created on 2007. Really good!!!
  9. Really???? I didn't experience what you said before since 2005. In my GAMING STATION here in the Philippines in which have a 50 desktop computers having a hundreds of clients customers renting can signup and login in any computer they choose. Is there any difference in between 2005 and 2021. In 2005 we can login directly to the games of LIneage II without the NCSoft. I am not tolerating BOT in my gaming station because we are fair professional gamers of MMORPG. We have our very own server here in the Philippnes since 2007. Operated by the franchiser AsianMedia group of companies serves up grea
  10. I am trying to make a new account with old email address not register in NCSoft lineage II but then, it always failed giving a response of (you are not authorize to make an account) What is the reason of this? (inserting image URL: https://account.ncsoft.com/signup/error?serviceCode=32&errorCode=56144&returnUrl=
  11. Why the server didn't put an announcement in game time that usually did?
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