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  1. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    No interest in Evisceator. I use to play Tyrr Doombringer years ago and really liked it.
  2. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    I want to play a Tyrr but not sure which one to roll. Looking at Tyrr Tyrant class. Can somebody tell me a little about each Tyrr's pros / cons?
  3. Real L2c with a fresh start

    This version could have been really good if they would have managed it better. 1. 100% cosmetic cash shop, No soul shots, no items that give any kind of stats period. No materials, No timed weapons, No XP boost. Only hats, skins, cloaks, colored titles, glasses, mounts and other items that do not give stats like +STR, +CRT and +M.ATK. 2. No dual boxing allowed. This really hurt the game! 3. No in game events that give gear as rewards. I still remember that 1st event that gave people +16 weapons. What were they thinking? 4. Actively control the bots, hackers and cheats. For this one I think they really just dont care. If they would have done these 4 things this game could have been really good but at this point its just a epic fail. If they make a server like this I will be there day 1.
  4. So what weapons will Doombringer and Soul Hound use?
  5. Will Kameal's get the skill to transform weapons like 2 Hand Sword to Ancient Sword for Doombringers and Sword to Rapier for Soul Hounds? Also will Arbaletster be using Crossbows or Bow?
  6. Ok, I noticed that all of the SK attack skills work with Sword or 2 Hand Sword and our weapon mastery supports all swords so I was thinking would it be best to use a 2 hand sword for xp grinding and using sword / shield for tanking. Has any SK tried this?
  7. Gla or DA for pve

    Of course a Gladiator is going to deal more dps than a Tank class like a Dark Avenger.
  8. What armor for Sk

    Avadon Heavy
  9. Fix the Soul Shot lag please.
  10. Hello, I just hit level 35 on my human mage and would like to know good xp spots to level from 35-40. Thank!
  11. Merge servers

    Yea, they should just go ahead and merge down to 2 servers.
  12. WC BW light Set vs Avadon Robe

    I am trying to also decide between Blue Wolf Light and Avadon Robe. I figure if you solo a lot its better to get Blue Wolf for the P.DEF and if you mostly group then go for Avadon Robe for the MP Bonus. With Blue Wolf you probaly only be able to buff one round before you need to regain mana.
  13. Looking to buy Staff Of Life +7 or higher.
  14. OL dye : +wit -?

    Do not decrease your INT or you are gimping the damage and drain ability of your Steal Essence. Go ahead and take the hit to Men instead.