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  1. Hello, I just hit level 35 on my human mage and would like to know good xp spots to level from 35-40. Thank!
  2. Merge servers

    Yea, they should just go ahead and merge down to 2 servers.
  3. WC BW light Set vs Avadon Robe

    I am trying to also decide between Blue Wolf Light and Avadon Robe. I figure if you solo a lot its better to get Blue Wolf for the P.DEF and if you mostly group then go for Avadon Robe for the MP Bonus. With Blue Wolf you probaly only be able to buff one round before you need to regain mana.
  4. Looking to buy Staff Of Life +7 or higher.
  5. OL dye : +wit -?

    Do not decrease your INT or you are gimping the damage and drain ability of your Steal Essence. Go ahead and take the hit to Men instead.
  6. What would be the best weapon for a Warcryer? 1 Handed Blunt or 2 Handed Blunt? Also for armor should I go for Robe, Light or Heavy?
  7. Tyrant level 40 Armor advice?

    Its only nonsense to the uneducated. This is exactly what I said, "I have been looking at the sets on L2 Wiki and it seems Plated Leather is for Archers because the P.Def is horrible. Sure the +4 STR is awesome but you are basically a glass cannon and thats not what I am looking to be. Its not worth 3-4KK in my opinion." I did not say that I cant afford the Plated Leather. I clearly have said over and over that its not worth 3-4KK in my opinion and that was before I found out that the set actually goes for 7-8 Million. So now that you have been proven wrong about the Plated Leather which you was telling me to buy you are now saying buy Full Plate Set that cost like 10 Million? Why would I buy a Full Plate Set when this Half Plate Heavy is doing better than I thought it would for me and I only paid 500K for it? You are all over the place dude, first Plated Leather was the way to go and now Full Plate is the way to go. Whats next a +6 set? LOL I told you over and over that Half Plate is just the best buy for a Tyrant at level 40. Next time do your research first.
  8. If you have quit then why are you here?
  9. Tyrant level 40 Armor advice?

    I am not buying the C sets because they are not worth it, not because I cant afford it. If somebody just gave me 100 million Adena I will still buy Half Plate Heavy over Plated Leather because like I have said over and over and over its not worth 7-8 Million Adena. What part of this you dont understand? Now, with that being said. I found somebody selling a +2 Half Plate Heavy Set with Shield for 1.1KK. I sent him a mail and offered 1.KK for the set. He pmed me about an hour later saying he would take the 1Million for it. I then turned around and sold the Plate Shield for 500K so basically I only spent 500K for the Half Plate Set. The difference is night and day compared to that Moon Light Armor set that I had one. I will get Heavy Gloves and Boots later but I wont do that until later when I get into the higher 40's. Now I can focus on my C Grade Weapon. You all need to learn the game. Lineage 2 is a game where you have to do your research.
  10. How 'bout "Common" gear?

    One of the worst things ever to be added to Lineage 2. No thanks
  11. Warcryer vs Overlord?

    Just like all buffers its always better to have a Live one.
  12. Tyrant level 40 Armor advice?

    Another person that does not get something so simple. Plate Leather Set: 7- 8 Million Adena with less P.DEF Half Plate Set:: 1 Million Adena with more P.DEF I can get the Half Plate Set and also get my C Grade Weapon and some C Jewels from the Luxury Shop for what you spend on just the Plated Leather Set. No this is where common sense had to kick in. Which one is the better buy at level 40? Even if Plated Leather has the same P.DEF as Half Plate I would still buy the Half Plate over the Plated Leather Set because of the prices of the sets. Good luck with your squishy overpriced Plated Leather. You would be a 1 shot to me. LOL
  13. Overlord fix please!!

    There is nothing wrong with the class. Its a debuffer that can buff clan members.
  14. Tyrant level 40 Armor advice?

    You go pay 7 Million for a set with less P.Def just for +3 STR. I can also mix and match C Grade parts with the Half Plate if I wanted to. I saw a set of Half Plate the other day for 900K in Giran. Plated Leather is trash not because the armor is not good but it should not cost more than maybe 2-3 Million for the set. As for B Grade dont count my pocket. You have no idea what I am able to buy now or in the future.
  15. TK vs SK vs DA vs PAL

    Newbie Guide: The State of Tanks on Classic https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/656495/