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  1. Mikeha

    Evi / GK help

    GK is your best dual if you want to gear share and it can AOE. Of course it cant AOE as good as a Mage or an Archer but it can AOE. I duo with ISS and 1 handed Blunt Maestro in Tanor all the time with my Maestro running a AOE macro and have no problem clearing mobs. Working on getting a good pole now.
  2. Yes, I think the only magic skill the ISS has is Healing Melody so that is why I was asking. I just want to know if INT makes that skill stronger.
  3. I am playing a ISS and I would like to know if INT makes my Healing Melody skill stronger? Do healers with high INT have better healing power?
  4. Does this also work for Healing?
  5. Let me talk to you, Recently I rolled a Summoner as an alt to play around with but I have noticed something strange. A summoner is supposed to be a mage class but its most important skill is based on your P.ATK. Also dont all Summoners have Mage / Melee servitors? If so the mage types are totally ignored because nearly all the buffs only increase servitors P.ATK. Long story short, Seems like this class is broken by design. If you want your servitors to do high damage you need a high damage melee weapon but by doing so you are gimping your self because you are a M.A
  6. Thanks alot Traingirl. You posted some really helpful tips. #Manipulatethemechanics
  7. Hello, I am coming back to game and I remember there was a website that tracked the market prices of items in game. Does anybody have the name of the site? Also I am playing a summoner and would like to know if I can auto hunt using my pet? When I click auto hunt my character attacks but I want my pet to attack.
  8. No interest in Evisceator. I use to play Tyrr Doombringer years ago and really liked it.
  9. I want to play a Tyrr but not sure which one to roll. Looking at Tyrr Tyrant class. Can somebody tell me a little about each Tyrr's pros / cons?
  10. This version could have been really good if they would have managed it better. 1. 100% cosmetic cash shop, No soul shots, no items that give any kind of stats period. No materials, No timed weapons, No XP boost. Only hats, skins, cloaks, colored titles, glasses, mounts and other items that do not give stats like +STR, +CRT and +M.ATK. 2. No dual boxing allowed. This really hurt the game! 3. No in game events that give gear as rewards. I still remember that 1st event that gave people +16 weapons. What were they thinking? 4. Actively control the bots, hackers and cheats. Fo
  11. So what weapons will Doombringer and Soul Hound use?
  12. Will Kameal's get the skill to transform weapons like 2 Hand Sword to Ancient Sword for Doombringers and Sword to Rapier for Soul Hounds? Also will Arbaletster be using Crossbows or Bow?
  13. Ok, I noticed that all of the SK attack skills work with Sword or 2 Hand Sword and our weapon mastery supports all swords so I was thinking would it be best to use a 2 hand sword for xp grinding and using sword / shield for tanking. Has any SK tried this?
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