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  1. the item 400 arc has no time limit, so it will stay in your inventory until you reach level 85, I don't see any problem here, stop crying and go farm. There are more important issues at the moment, like the disappearance of CMs, how difficult it is for some classes to complete the pass, among other things.
  2. /target Older Sister, select the second option. it's much faster and has the same rate.
  3. Nobody has responded for a long time here, has the NCsoft l2 community been abandoned? @Juji @Hime @Sunshine
  4. the same problem here, pls fix this @Juji @Hime @Sunshine
  5. Most likely it will, because in Aden JP and Essence KR this is normal and routine, they even facilitated it even more recently, being able to buy the coupon by adena and being able to return at any time to the previous class > https://lineage2.cc/news/v_koree_vodjat_smenu_klassa_za_adenu_3_raza_v_mesjac/2021-10-23-1265
  6. @Luz do sol @Hime @Juji guys we need a database, please give us an estimated date
  7. https://dev.l2central.info/essence/articles/219.html?lang=en
  8. considering the game is starting now, you're right. But the end game is totally different, Cardinal is extremely relevant and practically immortal depending on your gear. all your farm problem is solved with Divine Beam (Holy Ray) and Orfen +2. This is definitely the best class next to Dark Elf DK, Titan, PP and SE.
  9. you probably didn't play essence in the end game. a real pvp with gear p2w +6/+7, lv. 88+, pet is good for absolutely nothing. I played DK and SE in EU, With DK all enemy Pet died to AOE (pet 76+ with set A) and my DK was f2p, SE was p2w gear and ALL pet died to 1 single Divine Beam. Don't believe me, just watch any video in Olly with chars 88+ in EU/KR/JP (oficial servers), you will see how irrelevant a pet is. If you find any video that demonstrates the opposite PLS share.
  10. Believe me when I say no one is going to kill the boss in Antharas lair anytime soon, dont worry about this hahaha
  11. Antharas Lair is the best place for farm adena, 1kk u can get in a few minutes. But no one will be able to farm there yet, not even who is full A-grade.
  12. @Luz do sol any news about this?
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