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  1. Man, do research. You clearly don't know what Aden( essence) server is.
  2. They aren't attacking legal players, you botting piece of trash. You don't need VM, parsec, or anything else to play this game. Only reason you need a VM is to load multiple clients to run bot trains on
  3. thanks for a fast response. Is there a response on when we will get pricing information?
  4. Consider it a sign you should get a life, or got play a new game that actually involves skill, and ran by an intelligent company
  5. Will there be a VIP system, and when will we know l2 coin prices? Are you guys able to provide that information, or are you guys still busy trying to figure out how your anti bot feature was already foiled, two hours after maintenance?
  6. Going to be fun to pk you guys off the map, just like on rose server.
  7. And what are these anti bot procedures? Ncwest hasn't done anything to stop scripting, why start now ? Is it because essence servers are opening?
  8. It's a North American server, and you're from South America, so what do you expect.
  9. Not even sure the DK information is legit. Looks like a copy and paste from live
  10. I'm sure there won't be. Remember when classic was released on steam, and it had almost 1k reviews after 2 days, with 98% negative reviews, then was removed from steam. Showing the actual game play and how p2w this game is, is not in ncwest best interest. Milking the same 100 players over and over, is all ncwest needs to do.
  11. Because Kamel archers are the top adena farmers. They don't need much gear, and you just set them afk and farm the adena. Of course, the only reason for the 10 client limit is to help botters, bot adena, which is something this company supports its players in doing
  12. Olympiad change, another horrible mistake by ncsoft. Random party members, random level buff from npc, a total disaster.
  13. Everyone gets the same buffs. Songs and dances used to be for bd and sws only, but now they are party buffs.
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