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  1. Is there any official information out there explaining exactly what these are?
  2. I understand that auto hunting is not for perma AFK farming, but if I need to step away for a few minutes it's a nice feature. How can I protect myself from someone trying to PK me? Is choosing the "Threat Counter" in the Change Next Target area sufficient?
  3. Now that I look at it a bit closer, perhaps combat mode has nothing to do with auto hunting and it just allows me to attack players without hitting ctrl?
  4. Hello all, Completely new to the game and I have a couple questions around auto hunting: (I'm playing on classic talking tree if that makes a difference) I'm assuming the purpose of Combat Mode while auto hunting is to protect myself from PK'ers? Correct? If a red enemy comes within my range, will I auto attack it? or do they have to hit me first? What about if someone flags purple on me, will I start attacking them back? Thanks in advance for any insight because I'm unable to find information in the official docs
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