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  1. I know they don't have to, but I hope they do since it looks a little bit more professional to me if they can be open with what went wrong
  2. I do really hope we get a detailed explanation of what the … has gone wrong. Not something like "There was a few issues that needed to be sorted", but I want like a really detailed explanation of what has happened.
  3. What kind of role do you like to play? Damage Dealer, Healer or Support?
  4. SebMcCayen


    If you like the class you will probably be better at it the more you play = You will be a good player imo Good luck with your TH and see you ingame
  5. SebMcCayen


    Just go with the class you like the most, I think that will make you a better player instead of focusing on stats all the time as many other do
  6. Well since Giran is GMT+1 the timezone is perfect for us up here in the north
  7. Hi, Innervision is a Swedish clan that will be joining the Giran-server. We are accepting nordic players into the clan and we have all kind of players, boys and girls, hardcore and more relaxed players, you name it. Our players have many years of experience from Lineage 2 so we all believe this will be a really exciting time with the classic server. If you feel that you want to join us just write to us here in this thread
  8. Just play the class that you believe is most fun, if everyone would play archer because that is best at the moment, that would be kinda boring
  9. We are a group of Swedish players and we will be joining Giran, see you guys ingame
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