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  1. Dunno why you are farming SV at 84, cause I cannot imagine where you get 250-300a at 84. Maybe in the future they will implement the achievement box, than the SS problem will be solved.
  2. Dont forget that mobs in PI give double points, and with new event there will be lots of PI stones. And like Katsiadas said, there are lots of options to finish this, just remember to get rewards on your main char.
  3. The only frustrating thing is that they purposelly ”forgot” to mention the fact that pouches were availbale in Lcoin store too, just to make people recharge beforehand
  4. You spoil random craft mats and recipes, there is a database on dev.l2central where you can see what mobs give with sweep. Best you can spoil is asofe I think (10% on craft bar). Dunno about sayha affecting spoil but I would assume so. If you don't AOE, than spoil crush is a must at 76+, cause playing spoiler is nothing special. On a full day of playing you can probably get 2 random craft points at 76-80 range.
  5. Reward from vampire recharges random craft bar, cant remember by how much, but hunting them can be profitable.
  6. So feels like the new patch shaved 10% of adena amount, by ”adjusting drops” in certain zones like DV/TOI. Is it just me?
  7. Depends on what your next target auto-set is. If it is not monster, but target to taunt or threat counter-attack, than yeah, you hit back, even chace war tags or PKs.
  8. It works after maintenance, you can close topic
  9. Since yesterday I am unable to port to Forgotten or LOA. There is no system message either. I am aware of the conditions that are required in order to port, but like I said there is no system message either telling me that I am ok or not.
  10. You can level to 70, make SV subjugation, which is much easier and collect rewards. Quest doesnt specify which subjugation to do.
  11. This is caused by massive amounts of players and drops that have flooded TOI due to Core event. Try using lower detail, hide dropped items , etc, or simply skip TOI 1 and 2 or TOI overall.
  12. That is not L2 store, that is NC store.....The whole point of my initial post was this. Why the are not also in L2 store?
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