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  1. The problem is NC Soft IPS.
  2. Same shit here.. im from Brazil.. normaly i had 100/120 ping.. now i got 300 only in L2 servers. WTF? I never had this problem before! NC Launcher didnt open.. loagin forever..
  3. So, i will try find it.. Thanks for info
  4. Its is possible do k95 with 1 iss and 1 wynn? Or 2 Wynns
  5. And how this fishing work atm?
  6. As a free player, how can i farm adena? Kartia? Fishing? Instances? I know its is really hard atm, i just want suggestions... thanks I dont care how much i can get peer day, i just want to know even if its is 5kk..
  7. lol ? This is a sht for everyone. Everyday i reset my internet and everyday i had to do the same sht. EU for exemple use device auth, we can do it too.
  8. Why lol servers that have millions of players have no lag and lineage servers that have just over 10,000 people (if any) have horrible lag?
  9. "but without any protection this can be bypassed .....just run 2 users in windows 10>>>6 windows/pc" A lot of ppl get ban last mainitence cuz this
  10. For God's sake, take out IP authentication and place DEVICE authentication. IP authentication sucks and just pisses. Device authentication is much more secure and less hassle to connect.
  11. Guys, whats up? Atm i had 3 Wynn, 1 ISS and 1 Heal farming at Phantasmal. Lv 105 And i had 2 daggers, 2 Evis and 2 Tyrr for instances. Lv 103/104 I want a opinion from u guys.. Where can i do better adena farm with this setup? I dont care for xp, only adena.. All chars had Exauted Lv 4 done. Thanks
  12. What is the best way to do make adena? Fishing with fancy 24/7 or macro party in panthasmal for exemple..
  13. Spoilers still good yet? I saw this item in HB spoil.. its good? Soul Crystal
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