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  1. Place For Adena

    Where can i farm adena after lv 104? PVE Weapon / Exauted Weapon Thanks
  2. Special Title

    How can i do that too? How do I use these characters?
  3. I dont think so bro.. This is not a bug? L2Wiki = +3 STR +2 CON
  4. How can i change it to +3 CON -2 STR? I checked the mammon, but he says I don't have the item. And i had a +10 blessed set. In the first part of the exauted quest I won 3 dyes of STR, can i change to CON?
  5. Launcher Validation

    Is there any likelihood that you will place the laucher authentication by device and not just by ip? It is extremely annoying every time the internet goes down having to open email by email to validate each box. If you did validation by device, it would be much better. In L2 EU for example, it works like this. Thanks for reading and sorry for the little fluency in English.
  6. MP won't regenerate quickly

    Really? I'm farming solo and smetimes my mp go out in minutes..
  7. Mana Consumption

    Why do you sometimes farm hours without consuming mana and suddenly you start consuming mana until you run out? I can't understand it..
  8. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    I will show you what i get from NC Support. PS: I get my acc locked. I replied saying that I had not used anything and that they did some more checks. If you did not find any problems on my account, why stay banned? After that, i give up. Thanks

    Same to me.
  10. Try another PC, Cellphone, internet explorer, mozila, chrome.. nothing work.
  11. Account Bugged

    UP!!!! I need log my box account. 3 days and any response from ncsoft team. :@
  12. When i try log my box account in site to buy ncoin i got this error now. Before i cant buy idk why, now this.. how can i check ticket like this?