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  1. Level cap

    easy thing , just put all these char to 70 100% on next update lunch .
  2. So, level cap is a 70 soft cap? Wrong.

    +1 what the point to make wrong patch note ?? any other major bug not discovred alrdy ? 3rd class next week for these guys ? and to be honest 3 months on classic and some people are 7x + lvl ...
  3. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    nice ...
  4. So, level cap is a 70 soft cap? Wrong.

    lol 74+ party .... so nice server . . . GM what do u think about this ???
  5. orfen fight Good fight

    nice vid guys , why so many untaged char ?? specialy at the end ?? anyway gf everyone .
  6. Looting rights

    its not only about u and orfen etc , same probleme on many server even ncsoft dev have admit this is a game mistake and probleme are solved now . we just have hybrid version full bug just wait next update and if u did most dammage on boss well done . but abusing loot right now sux .
  7. Looting rights

    u fight ??? no u just old looting right with untaged caracter and wait and wait and wait again ..... so yes its a mecanic game bug abuse .
  8. CP fr GIRAN

    UP recherche tjs bp , bd et un DD cac .
  9. Epic solution to botting

    yes some spot are totaly for bot like EG ...
  10. CP fr GIRAN

    salut CP fr cherche Bishop et BD sur GIRAN pour raid , epic , pvp , lvl 45-50 voir moins si bonne motivation . mp sur le forum .