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  1. there was a forum poll about changing swords times and you imbeciles do exactly what half the players voted against.....amazing lol
  2. ...............hahahahahahha, what? einhasad doesnt accept adena, kid
  3. umm, you were just asking a few days ago in another post where you should spend your billions of adena...and now you are quitting because items wont drop from chests you pay real $ for? lol seems a bit irrational the timer should be removed on all items, realistically i said it years ago, items and buffs should be used on the players time...not the servers time...especially in a game that takes a lifetime of investment even the timers on runes for example, why do i lose time on an xp rune when im logged out? what if our internet goes out for a day or 2 or 3? we lose 2-3 days
  4. Eilhalder von Hellman, the night vampire from Forest of the Dead
  5. $50 is about the cost of destiny pack + prestige pack so what happens to your L2 career when the people providing your Ncoins decide to stop paying this NCscam garbage?
  6. umm...why are you relying on promo sales event to get in-game items after you spend $50 a month and stay in game 24/7 ?
  7. almost as illogical as being in game 24/7 and then buying your in game items with real $, right? nothing logical about the current state of the game, wittle dwaekey just the same handful of ppl who only login because they already invest half their life into the game and cant let it go.....lol sad
  8. maybe you kidz should try taking out all the crap consumables from your promo chests....then regular/normal ppl might buy them, but i doubt it
  9. Why would the gameguard require special exceptions? Instead of the anti-virus allowing certain exceptions? You are just unblocking bot users, and doing the bypass for them....good work
  10. Why are you advertising the anti-bot thing to the whole world? You dont advertise relevant info to the game, but you tell the cheaters you have a new game-guard to bypass?....nice
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