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  1. this is gonna be a flop i called the shoot server.
  2. it a game of who run the most client and dont even watch them while watching youtube or make grilled cheese. u guys have all forgot what l2 was. this is not a idle game where nobody talk ever. since when it became a robot game. im done with this game for sure.
  3. leave comment on what you think about 10 boxing am i alone to be left without words
  4. it is sad because the core of this game is so good, but after multiple and multiple of bad decision this game is digging is own grave
  5. omg.... 10 client what a way to ruinned a game everyone afk and nobody plays. omg i was so excited about aden i guess i have to refund my prestige pack................................
  6. sup guys how is the warlord in this version? does is aoe pull is small or big in that one and can this guys compet or i should make a titan or dk like every post are saying
  7. me and my friend are looking to join a clan
  8. this is an english or spanish clan
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