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  1. Naia Siege 24/05/20

  2. Naia Siege 10/05/20

  3. A few suggestions. 1st Fix the server time in Naia all the events are too late or too early for the European players that this server suppose to serve. 2nd Fix the adena rate at ios. You have put expensive items like god jewls that every click cost at least 80b (With your rates that all we know how it goes) how it suppose people whould get that adena ? Only from your extreme expensive events ? Even the people who used to spend a lot in every event getting tired of this method. 3rd At this update you put extra strong Mobs even the well stacked toons barely can farm. You put the Japanise version in which its full of st2 and st3 dragon weapon and god jewls st5 and st6 , What we suppose to do in this game players that have +12 weapons and basic items ? Do you have realize that you are destroying totally the game ? I hope to consider all that, otherwise it is available other region servers which are more honest and cheaper. @Hime @Juji
  4. Naia Server Vs MAX clan

  5. 1:08 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/509742669
  6. eXEQ7er, Baium PvP

    You forget the end https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSctuIS4mrc&t=164s
  7. MAX vs DH

    Sorry @Draecke i would not talk anymore about clan power with a PVE guy like you have a nice day.
  8. MAX vs DH

    Lets make all of us petition to NcWest to change the time of Dimensional Siege to European hours and we gonna see my PVE fiend who is the best clan
  9. MAX vs DH

    Long story sort Peppinio on DH off The stream whould continue almost every day that the Raids is up you are welcome to watch the situation on Naia almost every day. Have fun
  10. MAX vs DH

    What about the other day ... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/467207227
  11. MAX vs DH

    Now lets see what happened the next day https://www.twitch.tv/videos/466727751
  12. MAX vs DH

    First of all thank you that you promote my stream. I am glad that this stream was the reason that make DH to come and do some PVP. Second MAX took Anakim/Baium/Zarich and Akamanah that day. DH manage to stole the drops from Orphen. The way that did that ? check at 1hour and 42 min of the stream and check out what is wrong. Third, althought DH came full force and MAX didnt had even one sold CP on, at the end they lost the fight . That day No peppinio,Morpheus,Patriot,Fouhouhou from MAX and DH had all the strong toons on.
  13. CP LF TANK 106+

    Maybe you need to look for a clan first
  14. Hope to see MAX on DS

    Come on little Spaounakoooooo you can better than this. Anyway you make your job now go to collect your reward from zuzu as a good forum warrior. My proposal is active to take the mighty zuzu and come to naia to play our time zone and you gonna see how strong he is. At the end have in mind that what i said before some night we may not sleep......... so all MS need to be there i don't want excuses after. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D7YMLtT0B4
  15. Hope to see MAX on DS

    My little spaounako you disappoint me your response is too late nowadays Didnt tell you your friend QQutor that now he is a PVE player and DH doesnt exist in Naia ? and they tag only to play DM siege cause they know that they would be a zerg playing with you ? Did you forget that since we were at Chronos you could only dream about Aden ? Bully? it was the most entertaining period in my l2 carrier to read your daily comments, you can't imagine how many we laugh with you clown at that period of time . As it concerns what i am doing at DM siege ? I AM SLEEPING clown , You know some ppl have real life and important jobs not all clowns and forum warriors. Ps. Be careful what you wishing cause some night we may not sleep.