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  1. Or maybe putting bid is limited on date and next two weeks u can ++ your bids
  2. Hello, if my logic serves me right and from information we get, I understand it like this: As @Hime post here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/11028-clan-hall-bids-till-what-time-tomorrow/?tab=comments#comment-82360 This time shows you when the posibbility for permanent clan hall bid end for us. The 2 weeks mentioned here: https://www.lineage2.com/news/clan-hall-auctions Its time when winning bids for permanent Clan Hall will be announced to us. TLDR: You can put bids for permanent Clan Hall just for time which @Hime post in topic from first link, in 2 weeks cl
  3. TotallyToxic Hledáme aktiv SE/EE/SWS/BD 50lvl+ Server: Talking Island Momentálně 25 aktiv hráčů (48-56lvly), 2 aktivní party každý den, potřebujeme dobrat na třetí. Hledáme týmové hráče s dostatkem času(min 4-5 večerů týdně), na prvním místě je klan, hráč jako jednotlivec nás zajímá jen pokud dělá co má, jinak se s dotyčným velmi rychle rozloučíme. Kdyby se někdo takový našel, stačí se ozvat zde nebo ve hře na postavy: "Stiba / "Bloody / "Kenguuu / "Lafi TotallyToxic We're looking for active SE/EE/SWS/BD 50+ Server: Talking Island Prime time: GMT +1 - 18.00
  4. You are not vip if u just bought ncoins. You jeed spend at least 80 coins in game shop to be vip1 and im sure after that you will have no longer problems with login. This is no joke its reality so take it like it is.
  5. I played with wtfast just once. I didnt get error. But i tried just free version of wtfast and i noticed i dont need it cause its reduce ping just about ~20
  6. You are right its not my problem for now :-D. Dont take me bad but i know a lot of things like this happening so i always try something for some time before i invest money.
  7. For me its not problem if they said drivers or programme for my mouse is suspicious to buy another mouse if i want play the game. If problem has solution, its not problem for me anymore :-)
  8. No problem :-). Sorry here my advice end because i dont have this experience. I hope u will find solution.
  9. Ok but they have their rules. If they said something is suspicious and u have option to delete it but u dont want its your problem i think. U have to consider what is more important to you. Please dont take it offensive its just my opinion. If want play something i have respect their rules.
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