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  1. Harry P0tter Pack will only be available in Autumn Please wait....
  2. Items for back to School are on sale Get the super delicious School Uniform appearance School books (10% p.atk) when used School shoes (Speed +10) Chalk (Can draw magic circle in hunting area to make dibs on it) effect last 60 minutes, Auto reuse School Bag (Inventory limit +30, Weight +12800), but will still have dual class switching bug School Cap (Extra 10% vit,10%dmg,10% XP/SP), can be used with Circlet
  3. I would like 9 client I've lost my lowbies pt.. was using UltraView, now not workable anymore, all those +10 blessed exalted set gone waste
  4. Ahh. 1 more P2W event Let's spend to make a +15 cloak it will make 24/7 AFK more fun
  5. Say original chance is 20%, increase 10% Abacadabra now you got 22%
  6. Anyone else encounter this issue? Can connect using ultraviewer, once game client started, mouse no more reponse Lost my alt lowbies team at office computers after spending upgrades to make +10 blessed set i have more fun playing with lowbies, main toon is just afk 24/7
  7. It doesn't determined who is botting just some tell tale sign the new anti bot feature is already bypassed "Follow the money" or the fishes
  8. First few days, AH full of Fancy Rods (clients limited to 3) Now most Fancy Rods cleared from AH - pro botters have already bypass the client limit As usual with new anti-bot feature, punished the normal players I'm still having problem using ultraviewer to another pc when game is running
  9. Uninstall Lineage II Just kidding, wait a few days or maybe 1 week, this nearly always works for me, cosz once the pro boters have bypass the security "Solution will be found" Just take a look in AH, so much fancy rod, no more clients for fishing
  10. If it come, you would've saved a lot If it don't come, well, you saved even more
  11. @Juji Hi, Many thanks if can publish the table on what no. items required for the upgrade, currently moving in the dark Hard to make decision, should i purchase an ++ item only to find out the upgrade cost is too prohibitive cheers
  12. It is in all other region except here When is it coming?
  13. Would the group area for 107/108 be in?
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