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  1. Game starts at 100

    I've had the most fun when running lvl 1-80+ killing low levels RBs too bad they removed all the contents, RBs at higher level is only done by 1-2 ppl in server It is all afk macro now
  2. Thank you very much and damm the cursed swords
  3. Quest items drop like 1 in 100 mobs in Hellbound How did you guys finished 10k items?
  4. Been two days now, i'm teleported back to town (Hunter Village) while on afk macro in EV Anyone else encountered this? and why?
  5. Known Issue: Server Latency

    my 2 cents Server was ok after upgrade. Then slowly bugs appear and then boom we get lag ......... After upgrade, Hero started the same nonsense chatter but this time cannot be avoid Players started to block them en mass and reach critical point.... LAG!!!! To prove this should be very simple, just disconnect all Hero and disable their account for 1 day - i tell ya, even if it does not solved the lags, server would be a much better place no to mention the bowing, no idea how they implement this, maybe an AOE skill in peace area, but resource should be very intensive, just imagine Aden. all toons bowing , then time counter to avoid bowing loop
  6. how to make adena?

    Create 7 accounts Make 5 summoner ,1 spoiler , 1 iss, 1 healer then level them macro style without SS, only pets used SS (dirt cheap) and only paulina on the way to 99, you get lots of mats to sell, maybe even a full drop if lucky think you get 100kk or more with this pt from 85->99 reach 99, farm balok + octavis repeat the cycle until you get 7x7 toons, ( balok + octavis should drop minimum rune stone all other are just bonus ), you get 14 rune stone , 700kk++ to 1b++ each week Note: if enough people do this, they will implement new rule to disallow this, because it is too profitable
  7. Hi, Anyone can share their current fishing stats? got 3 toon at lvl99 and lvl102 - R99 bait 10k - powerful fish 100 - nimble fish / ugly fish - about 10 / 35 spread Losing lots of adena at the moment fishing
  8. What to do at lvl 97?

    Dimensional RIFT, go make adena + XP
  9. Building Up My Character

    more info https://l2wiki.com Raid bosses ->> https://l2wiki.com/Raid_Bosses too lazy to hunt RB? no worries, can setup afk macro and go sleep (takes much longer time, but zero work) Mentee coins -> exchange for Superior Giant's Codex - in NAIA, 3+kk each
  10. Building Up My Character

    Where to farm adena 1) The easiest and legit way - spend real money, buy stuff in l2 store and resell to players for adena The rest of ways ...... all need hard work and/or not legit example... make account with 7 toon lvl85, go farm zaken nonstop i got 7 account with 7 toon each (total 49 toons), get a friend and log as boxes, you only need 2 or 3 wynn in event gear to kill in reasonable time side income of leveling from lvl1-85, each toon leveled is easy 50+m (from mentee coins) or sell mentee coins to ppl who need to complete exalted quest 49 toons x 50m each = 2.5b and futures nonstop zaken farming how long to level toon level 1-85? if hit all the raid boss, i do it in 3-5 hours best toon to level for me is earthia evi, bonus of getting a dual class of my choice at level 85 and the best part ....... it is way way more fun than playing at level 99+ other adena making ways - OE stuffs / buy and sell stuffs / some instance make adena / scam people / ask clannies help hope this helps