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  1. Pets are not a part of L2 Classic, they were permanently replaced by Agathions due to performance issues.
  2. Don't know what you mean. I'm on Aden and I was first in line to everything.
  3. Some people would say they also make the game playable.
  4. Yup, we were supposed to get 1.5 on start, but a lot of grind related features are 1.0 ^^
  5. Suhr


    Pets will not be a part of Classic as apparently they cause major performance issues. They have been permanently replaced by Agathions (info from EU Classic server from a couple years ago).
  6. Around 40 it's going to get so slow you'll probably quit, but see you then ;P
  7. You need something else to grind than the already 5+ times higher xp curve than in actual old L2? Really?
  8. The FAQ on the forum says they were available till Oct 2 ;P
  9. I'd think it might be related to our amazing 1.0 drop table, perhaps xp/sp is also 1.0, instead of 1.5?
  10. With the current drop table I'd say it's not actually worth to play at all, because it's a huge waste of time and the game is borderline unplayable.
  11. XP runes of different durations (or bonus values) are still the same xp bonus type - they never stacked before so I wouldn't expect them to stack now.
  12. L2 Classic has been around for 3 - 4 years, you should educate yourself as to what it is, because what the patch notes says is... basically what it is.
  13. Just to be fully clear - compared to old L2 levelling curve, Classic is more like 0.16x instead of 1x
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