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  1. Why are you tired? Just for their credit card they care not about how to play or how many time will wait the queue or if you use bot.... this is the true
  2. Just log out and return in 4-5 month in this time all kid will leave from classic
  3. But we can't login for we take items from shop to we take VIP this is a crazy....
  4. here a week having a queue problem having been waiting for more than 7-8 hours to get in touch with the server hungry in the foolishness of having the same problem and the real thing is that it does not bring a staff to cheat to the bosom what problem is there and whether it can be solved and when it will be solved. what I understand is that they have us like sheep and they do not give us any meaning, and I want an old player who has spent a lot of money on lineage2. and to remind you what happened after 2011 you had 5 open servers and you've come to have 2 servers now .. watch your world
  5. i can not understand why you can not fix a simple problem ??? (eqeue) you are in the america you have no knowledge to solve the problem and should wait for the Koreans to get you the problem; the reason why you do not have more available positions; you want to miss the bruise and turn to private server's bosom has not very...honest nostalgia of the season 2006 to 2009 then you pay every month but we were walking and we had support's team
  6. Lol guys is to much hard for you update more slot's to servers 's........ after 8 year's you make 1 good plan....and you will destroy it yourself
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