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  1. Never complain & Even in a Game , Ncoin always low price and ítems higer evryday so.... Time to sell high Ncoins to ítems go low ? Prob work cheers PD: ppl who is waiting to write someting about "offerts/demand" Please abstain from reply me because I am not interested Ty love ALL!!!
  2. Nice events time to make profit !!!! WTS Ncoins 25m each !! Market price Ty pm in-game
  3. WTS Ncoins 25m each pm in-game. I sell according AH/Hero prices
  4. Don't bother , here ppl pref defend RMT's instead of opening eyes. All Hero who trying to get profit vía RMT u can't Say nothing about them or this lickers ppl appear and defend them.. Most funny for me is when they said "they play good market...... those guys.. lmao
  5. If u have the code from beta why u don't use then ?? One simple step , copy the code u received vía mail from beta and purchase reward... This event end ago 15 days... If you had an error entering the code that came to you, you should have made a claim.
  6. Just few Hero/top players handle the market... CHRONOS tyrr Hero is the cáncer of this Game.. he rmt on the 3 SV Live , giran , aden.. selling top ítems , handle market, rmt ,bot prob too ect ect but staff doenst care
  7. You cannot kill hope You tried in teldrasill ops wrong Game.
  8. we will have the GM buffs? Ty for read and reply post Hime!
  9. Prob same guy who cry for adena increase límit , log mass account for only complain ? I propose ban for all ppl who's trying sell ítems for trillions , the game is not enabled for those amounts.
  10. Also u can add things not change if that guy still spaming ítems for trillions... Crap player
  11. Those who can farm trillons are the cancer of this Game ....Have you ever seen a hero spam something that they sell for trillions ????? I mean Buy somethign for over trillons? Have any? This the spam I see evryday for this top/Hero's player evryday 24/7 WTB Crystal of Dawn all 600m per 1. WTB Ncoins 8m per one WTB any type of scroll (PI) less then 10m each I can make a list bigger wich each item and they spam ítems , jewels ect ect for over 100's billions or trillions.. are ppl who is selling/buy stuff to those ppl for real???? Any of u can Buy someting no Over
  12. The people who say I'm going to quit, are the first to buy boxes of the events and then continue crying that they are going to quit ect ect Quit today is spam on world chat like this Quitting player WTS Abundance Lv4 900b... This guys are jk.... None of those who complain would be able to stop playing for minimun 1hs. They complain about everything, and then they are clicking to enter like desperate after maintenance... Hope Ncoins value raise 100million each to RMT's get sht 4ever.deserved
  13. Prices are actually starting to come down?? Where?? Stop lying... Today 1 guy was spamming all day "WTB Gran Kain echant armors for 10b all.... I pmed him and ask why u buying at that prices. His answer was Cause will cost 30b soon.. check AH ,all those for 22b are mine I need to make profit... And that is happening with mostly all the items... Who can spam and Buy all type of ítems in BULK 100/1k??? Low/mid player ?? Or top ones....
  14. Seems u talking for high/end game players... What about mid/low gear ?? Abundance Lv.1 150b at this moment in AH CHRONOS... Any jewel who all can produce around 40-130b for Lv.5. Any set/weapon who can all produce same crazy prices... Any mats who drop evry mob in the SV prices go up x12/13. And u and ur clawns partners start mocking from ppl when any try to sell Ncoins at "high price" As if they thought that the SV is yours and we have to pay attention to the prices that you decide ... bye enjoin the day!
  15. Event are súper good hope they still on this way... Just we need a good market by the staff no top/Hero prices.
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