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  1. i'm not live in a dream world i understand bussines need make money, i'm not against pay to progress but just limite 3-5 per account or 14 per account but the daily reset trigger me
  2. because not matter what option i'm, if f2p/lightspender/whale i want do the content, i want get better gear for my char, i want PROGRESS in my char.
  3. can you buy A grade equipment? multi-account brought with it an inflation 120kk for piece is bs. yeah is so easy like join a clan and tell "can you give A gear equipment please" the good clans have point system or x participations on bosses to get loots Because the adena drop/item suck in all them? I dont care about spirit ores i know how to farm (currently 150k in spirit ores)
  4. This is not about if we can or can't afford the kit, is about the balance between f2p/lightspender vs whales. Ppl said "hey!, but you can farm adena in multiples way" FALSE. Right now ALL solo bosses 75+ are monopolized for geared players or multi account, if you go TOI 4 undergeared farm/potion does not compensate the expense.
  5. limit this to 3 or 5 per account please. Ncsoft did not give us a break between events >.>
  6. Spectraldancer lvl 80 here 1. How long have you played Aden? - day 1 player 2. How much money (Fiat Currency, to be clear) have you spent? -25$ for the pre-launch pack. 3. How much do you currently spend per week? - 0 4. How many toons are you running? (Alts to farm, etc.) - 0, i play just on main chart. currenly i have my pc on 24/7, all days in the morning refill my sayhas' grace at max and still have 524 cookies, 164 sayha's blessing, over 1000 ss tickets weekly and not remember last time i bought spirit ores. how? Well i have to admit ncwest was very generous with the fre
  7. talisman bracelet, agathion bracelet and the brooch have the same compounding chance (25%). Just bad luck friend
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