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  1. My question is more about the item that was offered in the start game. I got that pack with a character, but during this time I switched to another character on the same account, I don't know if I can get this new kit.
  2. So if I previously got the item on another character on the account and switch to a new character on the same account, my new character won't be able to get the kit?
  3. We cannot accept and be harmed by the lack of attention of the game team, I am in contact with several Gm's through TKT support but none of them can solve the problem! I advise you and whoever else has this problem to do the same, because that way we will have proof that we were harmed and we can ask for compensation, since the responsibility for this is entirely with the Team.
  4. Pls, we need a return !!! We have been unable to login for more than 3 days! We're missing Attendence Check, our diaries and everything. Please check what problem has occurred with your launcher and let us get back to playing! @Sunshine@Juji@Hime
  5. I'm having the same problem and from what I've seen many other players as well, the team has to give some feedback about it! @Sunshine @Hime
  6. @Sunshine @Juji It's amazing how to solve the problem you found. Limiting the real players! Now we have no problems with Lag at Potions! But we also can't get login because the server doesn't support so many people with 10 screens open. It's amazing, you guys are managing to end all the fun the game could give us! Congratulations NCSOFT, Congratulations.....
  7. @Sunshine @Hime @Juji The problem is simple, the server is not supporting the high number of requests demanded by an absurd limit of 10 login screens for PC. Just look at Elcadia, it is the server with a much smaller population, consequently fewer people to login 10 screens, and consequently fewer bots and fewer requests. In elcadia there is no such problem with item lag. The staff is closing their eyes to this!
  8. Will there be any compensation for all this for the players? We are not able to level up, use items, nor play in a normal way, my character died several times because he is not using potions, this only made us harm.
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