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  1. This is terrible! I feel like playing on a illegal server with DDOs attackers. Nonstop restart! NCSoft maybe doing this to get half the population get tired of playing and quit. They may have got the money back for pre-orders. So it is what it is. Just like that, 300 dollars for a crap.
  2. One of the most frustrating things happening in the game when you're about to get the loot and it's lag. Goodbye FP gauntlets.
  3. Compensate us with full sayha's blessings for the days that the server aren't working properly.
  4. They're always like that. Even before, nothing changed so why bother? ahaha. They can keep the money, but the whole experience is a piece of crap. I should've continued in Essence EU
  5. I want a refund to all the stuffs I've purchased and I'll quit this game. Thanks!
  6. Nothing new has happened after the downtime. Still the same. This is tiring. I've already spent $100+ for this game excluding the deluxe pack. Can I just get a refund please? I'm not going to play this game anymore.... I'll send you all my receipts
  7. Seems like I'm playing on a illegal server with endless restarts! Did you not anticipate this?
  8. Please fix asap. And extend the event till the end of September so that everyone can keep up with the leveling. This downtime is killing the time we're spending.
  9. You should consider limiting the boxes that can be opened per IP. Too many boxes opened caused lags. 1 IP can open 10 boxes = 10 characters in game at the same time. If you can limit this to at least 3-5 boxes max. This may resolve the lag issue. Just saying.
  10. How long is maintenance? The server Aden just went down.
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